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  1. arrissa

    two lion fish together?

    I have a dwarf lion fish, still a juvenile. The lfs near me got a lion (same kind) fish by they will sell it to me for 15 bucks cuz all of the employees think it will kill them....well, maybe not 'kill', but they are terrified of It's a bit bigger than the one I...
  2. arrissa

    What Goes with a Lion Fish

    lion fish, even dwarfs have really big mouths, mine will actually grab the end of the turkey baster, and there would probably room for two. The lion is a juvenile. He never bothers the other fish, never has. I have a mandarin goby, a scooter blenny, lawnmower blenny, two clowns and a blue...
  3. arrissa

    What to feed a Lionfish

    just my opinion, but I like to see the fish eat frozen food at the store before I get the fish so I don't have to worry about the weening. When I bought my lion, I had the store feed it mysis and it ate it. Still does, it's doing fine on frozen. I would ask the store to feed it for you if they...
  4. arrissa

    Yellow Tang Always Skinny? Or Not?

    if they look like they've been pinched at the bottom, they are too skinny
  5. arrissa

    Has anyone here ever been stung by a Lionfish?

    I am allergic to bee stings.......and lion fish stings...found that out the hard way. I took benadryl for the swelling and pain. You have to keep on eye on yourself if your allergic to bees etc. I'm even allergic to mosquito bites so it's probably worse for me. The hot water is absolutely...
  6. arrissa

    will my volitan lion attack

    Yes. and it will bite your fingers off. NO just kidding. It'll be fine, just don't scare it and keep an eye on it all the time so you know where it is vs. where your hand is. If you get stung.........hold the area under hot water, as hot as you can stand for about 20 minutes. If swelling starts...
  7. arrissa

    What kinda of puffer is this?????

    do a search on puffer fish and you might be able to find a photo that is your fish.
  8. arrissa

    anyone know where you can buy a sea turtle?

    btw, it's 'friends' are in the ocean, not in your glass cube.
  9. arrissa

    anyone know where you can buy a sea turtle?

    and after '10 years or so' then what? return it to the ocean where it will then die?
  10. arrissa

    goofy lookin nemo clip

    sent you an email, if you didn't get it let me know!
  11. arrissa

    sick cc star?

    thank you WD!!!!!!!
  12. arrissa

    goofy lookin nemo clip

    rubber band is fine btw, they just get brittle and break easy so you wanna have more than one, but my offer still stands on the clip. I don't need it.
  13. arrissa

    goofy lookin nemo clip

    I have the same ugly nemo clip, no others to be found when I needed a clip. BUT, I also have a normal blue clip that came with some seaweed. If you want it...give me your email address and I'll email you, it's square, blue, and that's about it. Plain...much better than 'Nemo Ugly Clip', but my...
  14. arrissa

    sick cc star?

    ..........and forgot this part....I am out of salt and can't get any middle of next week as I have 3 days of on call which means I have to literally sleep eat etc at work.
  15. arrissa

    sick cc star?

    this is in the 55 gallon and I have 5 gallons ready.
  16. arrissa

    sick cc star?

    horse shoe crab, one snail, a couple other crabs two clownfish dwarf lion mandarin lm blenny scooter blenny
  17. arrissa

    sick cc star?

    how quickly is it safe to do this the water is close to being ready...just not sure how fast I can add the extra sw. thanks.
  18. arrissa

    dwarf lion...swallowed a rock and slime

    first of all, yesterday the lion fish was going for a piece of mysis and got a piece of cc, he swallowed it. He's still alive, but do you think it will eventually 'plug him up' so to speak or tear up his stomach and kill him? Second...even before the cc swallowing incident, he had this 'slime'...
  19. arrissa

    sick cc star?

    btw, I have read that some peoples stars are 'all over the tank'. This one never has been. Only had him a couple weeks, but he's never been much of a travelor. Thanks again
  20. arrissa

    sick cc star?

    My cc star rarely moves, and when he does he is always at the top. Today and yesterday he refused food. Could he be sick? My ph is a little low and I'm working on getting that up, and my salinity is low too...1.021, I am also working on bring that up. Any idea's or suggestions. All the other...