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    Nike's 34g DSA Neo-Nano

    SO pretty!!! wish i had the time to devote to corals, the tank looks great!
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    powder brown tang

    ich is a parasite with a specific life cycle,, some people do always have ich in their tank if they dont take any correcting measures...but if you QT or even if you can do hypo in your DT to kill off the ich you are in a much better place than waiting for it to rear up again. If you have it and...
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    When should i get corals?

    nitrates dont exactly come from fish,, they come from waste and over feeding leading to a high nitrate concentration....
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    hair alage/ high phosphate

    wha tdo you run in your canister and when was the last time you cleaned it? also,, you need to find out what is making your phos high,,, are you just over feeding? do you need to change your bulbs? doing larger water changes will help, but it wont solve the problem...and are you running your...
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    Lemon Juice

    OMG those things are HUGE... looks like they would take out a great white!!! I myself have had only good results with aptasia X which is basically kalk paste, lol
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    Favorite Uncommon Fish

    flying gunard... no pic,, never had one,, but its a freaking cool fish!
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    Missnano's 12G Nano Tank Diary

    looks good! as far as the bubbles,, turn the pump off, pull it out and take the cover off of it and see if some sand got into it or the tube... that was always the cause for mine...and make sure your pump is turned up all the way!!!!
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    New Lagoon Build 775 gallon

    i bet your neighbors LOVE you!!! (only when they are invited)
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    How many people have generators for power outages?

    when we build our next house, with my HUGE aquarium built in,,,,,, then we will have a whole house generator.... just didnt make sense to try and get one for my condo, lol....
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    How Would You Redo Your System?

    nikeSB,,, i was being a tad bit fasiatus (sp?) I do LOVE Demartinis tanks,,,, but i LOVEEEEE ada tanks as i havent had one yet.... and halides are also one of the best for some of the SPS and LPS i want,,, but i would have to choose between that and maybe a high powered PAR light...but i only...
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    Pic: my new purple LTA

    gorgeous!!!!!!! how are the clowns taking to it?
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    Hyper agressive Clown

    nope,,, they are very territorial,, and since you are adding a smaller fish,, it will continue to try and kill each one,,, get rid of that one ( or banish him for a week or 2 if you can, redo the rock work, add the goby you want and let it get settled before putting the clown back in,,,,)
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    take a voluntary layoff, thats what i did, lol LOTS OF TIME to work on tanks,,, though it lessens the amount of money you can use to fix stuff, lol all in all,,, im glad to not be working, but it sounds like you are one of those people whom actually LIKES their job??? so maybe just go in a...
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    Ozone & Mushroom Coral

    the mushroom corals ( corallimorphs) tend to not like pristine water.... so if you are running ozone to clear it up,,, are you also checking your oxygen and CO2 levels? if you heighten your CO2 levels that could also have an affect on them... but i just think its that your water quality is...
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    Need help picking a nano out

    just about any tank you want,,, you can go to a glass place and have a top cut for it too though..... so if you like the look of something like a rimless,,, you can put a top on it to keep the kittys out... ald make a small stand they cant climb and dont put it near anything close enough for...
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    The Most Important Question You Will Ever Answer

    i would like you to add another option... GELATOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the best flavor in the world....full of all the bad fat and a huge amount of calories,,, but it iw well worth 4 hours on the eliptical for 3 scoops... if not then just plain frozen yogurt,,, and can i say i miss more...
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    yeah,,, the ***** near me finnally stopped carrying saltwater fish after having 50 ish people return after an hour in ONE DAY with dead fish wanting a refund......they got a shipment in and called all their 'preffered' clients of whom i know about 5,,,, they all get home and within an hour the...
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    2 hikers id plz

    the first one looks like a zoa that doesnt want to open,, the second looks like a type of macro algae....and well your LMB is very cute and personable...
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    chaseter's 39G CAD Nano Take Two!

    looks GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I need to build a stand

    ummmm i have an OLLDDDD thread from my 150g build....