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  1. olemiss

    So who loves the new changes?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cranberry The ads are annoying me.... if you are using firefox, run adblock plus- you'll never see another advertisement
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    Flashing tile fish question

    How did you manage to find a 6 year old thread?
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    Problems with pair of clowns and o0ther fish...

    Originally Posted by wwasteve01 The Yellow tang had a long run int he tank of 5 years, so I guess it did fine in a 55 gallon. I'll look into the wrasse. I've got some crabs in there as well, I may add some more invertibrates... Any other suggestions on active fish that I could get away with...
  4. olemiss

    ora mandarins

    There's a large thread on R-C in which someone contacted ORA. Ora said, as Ibanez mentioned earlier, that they will go after pods first but will eat pellets/frozen when the pod numbers dwindle. vid of them at ORA feeding Mine ate earlier-...
  5. olemiss

    ora mandarins

    The whole idea of paying the premium for the ORA mandarins is that they already accept pellets and frozen. i have not read any success stories on the other large forum. I'm wondering if the long awaited mandarins are going to be a bust. Oceans, reefs, and aquariums. Aquaculture company out of...
  6. olemiss

    ora mandarins

    Has anyones ORA mandarin accepted pellets? I've had mine for a week and it could care less about NLS small fish pellets as they float by. It is eating pods but they are in limited supply in this tank. I was relying on it to accept pellets and/or frozen.
  7. olemiss

    Help I have a Gorilla Crab!!!

    Cut the top off of a plastic coke bottle where it starts to curve, invert the top back into bottle, place food in bottle, wait. LFS sell traps designed to catch inverts but i have found that hermits and snails tend to allow everything to escape when they enter
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    can you put 2 eels in the same tank

    A fimby will eat the lunar wrasse and the eel. If you get the fimby wait until the 100 is up and running with much more rock(at least 100lbs imo). The eel will be more likely to jump if there is not enough rock work for it to feel secure. Piscivorous eels are always a risk to tankmates and...
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    What woud YOU put in a 90gall tank?

    What are the dimensions of the tank? I love the look of a corner tank but the footprint really limits the stock list.
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    can i put a arrow crab and a pep shrimp in the same tank??

    Yes. Smaller tanks do not give the shrimp a chance to escape. It may work temporarily but the crab will catch and eat any shrimp. a large coral banded may work temporarily but it will be eaten once the crab is large enough. Arrow crabs get large and aggressive- mine has caught numerous...
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    can i put a arrow crab and a pep shrimp in the same tank??

    in that size tank, the crab will definitely kill it.
  12. olemiss

    gelatinous abd growing FAST !!

    Does it grow on the rocks too and how large/often are your water changes? My guess would be a nasty strain of cyano.
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    Tang's suggestion!

    great looking tank! What is the song in the first video?
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    Which Of These Would A Zebra Moray Try To Eat?

    The three crabs mentioned are good as dead. The chances of it eating your fish are slim to none but a risk is still there. I had a 4-5 ft zebra for about a year, it never payed the slightest attention to the fish. Mine would only eat thawed shrimp or krill, using a feeder stick to make sure...
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    Volitan Lion Tank Mates? Would these work? Need Pro Advice

    The lion will eat all of those fish except for the tangs(depending on their size). Remember that lions grow incredibly quick and a five inch lion could easily double in size in a year-. Lions are great hunters and will eventually catch any fish that is small enough to eat. A tessy needs a...
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    New start

    Maroon anemone- ritteri?
  17. olemiss

    UV Sterilizer?

    Originally Posted by Noah's Nemo Man,where to start....Fish are not ich magnets!If you do not have it,they will NOT get it..UV's will not solve your ich problems.May cover em up a bit,and make you feel better,but i doubt it will even do that.Baby or not,the blue tang does not belong in a 30...
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    Calling All Cranberrys [Mantis Idea?]

    Halides will cause shell rot disease. Two mantis will result in a death match, my money is on the peacock over the ciliiata.
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    Moved to Louisiana

    your not going to want anything from the LA coast. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to remove any LR from Florida without a permit. lareefclub dot com is a local club(LA, gulf coast) where you can find some pretty good deals on LR from members breaking down tanks
  20. olemiss

    Moving maxina

    I picked up two maximas(2 inches) a few weeks back and placed both of them higher up in the rock work near each other. One stayed put, the other slowly makes his way down the rock work to the sand and wedges under a shaded ledge. i moved it back up once and he went right back to the same spot...