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  1. bbb

    Most $$$$ Jumper

    The only thing that I've had carpet surf is a zebra hermit crab.
  2. bbb

    Tang ID

    That one looks close but the tail is different. My local forum is saying a Bariene and that looks about right. If it is I got an amazing deal at $23.99.
  3. bbb

    Tang ID

    Thanks yall. I got my mom's camera and managed to get a good pic.
  4. bbb

    Tang ID

    Originally Posted by Wolf_Man Kole Tang, I got one too. I'm not sure it's a kole. The kole (Ctenochaetus strigosus) looks a bit different. The coloration is similar to a tomini (bristle tooth tang like the kole is) but its body is more rounded looking than the tomini and the color is not...
  5. bbb

    Tang ID

    I bought a tang about 6 months ago that was labeled as a Bristletooth Tang. On a local forum someone brought up that they thought it looked like something different. I've gotten a couple suggestions as to what it is but figured I see if anyone here had some input. I couldn't manage to get a...
  6. bbb

    Serpant Star

    Originally Posted by don1234 Here is a picture of the serpant.... I ordered one off of this site and haven't had any problems with it. It doesn't look like the one pictured but it's still pretty cool when it's out. I usually only see it...
  7. bbb

    Regenerative Powers of the Coral Banded Shrimp

    My female CBS lost one of it's arms a few weeks back and finally molted sometime in the past couple of days. It regained the arm but it's half the size. It looks kind of weird.
  8. bbb

    I've got weird blennies ~ ROFL

    Nice pics and I agree blennies are awesome. I added a Flame Tail to my 75 and he sits in my cabbage leather some. I saw him a couple weeks ago pulling a hermit crab off a rock on top of one of my cbs after it made a bit of lunge at him. He doesn't take crap from anyone.
  9. bbb

    Freaky Weird Things

    It's no problem. I'll take your kid if you take my 13 year old sister.
  10. bbb

    Freaky Weird Things

    I don't care to keep them that bad. If you want I can wait a week or two to see if I spot anymore and then ship them to you. When ever you're ready just send me a pm.
  11. bbb

    Freaky Weird Things

    Can they survive in a tank w/o coral? If so I might put them in one of my other tanks. If not tell me how you want them shipped and I might be able to.
  12. bbb

    Freaky Weird Things

    Thanks. Anybody have any ideas on the first snail? I still don't trust the little buggers. I found two attached two different polyps.
  13. bbb

    Freaky Weird Things

    I saw some snails that I didn't recognize on some palys today and plucked them off because I didn't know if they were good or not. While I was at it I went to move a rock that had some webby stuff (it's some sort of harmless worm or snail that produces it right?) coming off of it that seemed to...
  14. bbb

    New snowflake eel has not eat in 7 days.

    Do you just put the food in and hope it finds it or do you put in front of it's face? They can't see very well so you have to get the food close to them. I use a feeding stick thing that is just a piece of acrylic that has a couple of curves and has be flattend at the tip. I'll put a piece of...
  15. bbb

    What are you paying for gas now ?

    $3.49 here
  16. bbb

    Insane Gas Prices Anyone?

    I filled up yesterday around 7 pm and had to get Premium at 3.85 because they were out of regular and plus. I had to wait on a car or two but no really long line. On my way home this afternoon I saw some station out of gas and the ones that had it were around 3.65 (atleast that's what the sign...
  17. bbb

    uniforms in schools.

    We started wearing uniforms this year. We have three different colored polos we can wear and three different colors of pants. It hasn't been as bad as what everyone was making it out to be last year but I liked it better before the uniforms.
  18. bbb


    From what I can tell it wasn't too bad here last night. I slept through it and we only have one or two bigger branches that fell.
  19. bbb


    It's been raining on and off here today too. I hit some heavy rain on my way home from the lfs but it's been sunny since then. A lot of people around here seem to be more worried about the West Virginia/ECU game being canceled tomorrow afternoon than about the storm itself.
  20. bbb

    School started today...

    We started last week here. I can already tell this is going to be a weird year. In the first week we have already had two fights. We also had to start wearing uniforms this year (of course it had to start my senior year ) My schedule is... 1st semester AP Biology Ho. Latin 3 Ho. Psychology AP...