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  1. mscarpena

    Getting Rid of Worms

    Did you get rid of your worm. If so how did you. I have one that is huge I need to get rid of. Any help would be great thanks.
  2. mscarpena

    any clue to what this is?????

    It appears to be algae of some sort.
  3. mscarpena

    Help to catch a large bristle worm

    Still have not caught it yet. Still have not even seen it again. Thanks for the pantyhose idea. I will be trying that in a few days. Do you prop them open a little bit or just let it find it's way in on it's own?
  4. mscarpena

    3 IDs please!

    I agree barnacle. The palm looking things are probably some star polyps, and the last large thing is an encrusting SPS coral. Not sure what kind, but it looks to be some sort of caribean coral. Post pic when they open up more and we can help further.
  5. mscarpena

    Help to catch a large bristle worm

    Cool. Keep the ideas coming. I will try a bunch of different things until I catch it. I caught one smaller bright yellow one last night. I have been sick so I have not been staying up late. When I feel better I'll start staying up later and watching at night. This worm does not seem to stay at...
  6. mscarpena

    Anemone? Please ID

    The first 2 are sponges or tunicates hard to tell. The second is a coral of some sort looks to be a fungia. Good as well.
  7. mscarpena

    Feather duster and aiptasia?

    Looks like they are both feather dusters to me. Both good guys.
  8. mscarpena

    Help to catch a large bristle worm

    I saw those, but I think my worm is larger than the entire trap is. I will look at one and make it out of PVC piping. I think I can make one. Thanks.
  9. mscarpena

    Help to catch a large bristle worm

    I have a large bristle worm in my tank that I came acrossed last week. I have been trying to ID it and just saw one on one of the posts. It was ID'd as a coral eating BW and 2 of my small clams were eaten recently. I think this guy is about 10-12" long and I have only seen him once. I am trying...
  10. mscarpena

    I.D. yellow worm

    Well thats just great. I have a huge one in my tank. I just saw it the other day and I am now trying to catch it. I think this is what has been eating my small clams. Also some of my zoo colonies will just degrade for no apparant reason at some time. They will grow, grow, grow, then a large...
  11. mscarpena

    2 small clams eaten, one large clam still alive

    I bought a new clam about 3-4 months back and it died about a week or so after I had it. I chalked it up to hermits or my porcelian crab. Hermits are in my sump and my porcelians were about 3 yrs old so they both died. I bought a new squamosa last weekend. This morning I woke up and he too was...
  12. mscarpena

    id please

    It looks like half of him is gone. I agree some sort of a blenny.Make sure you have good live rock with pods for him to eat off.
  13. mscarpena

    id please with pic

    RL for sure. Watch out they eat small fish.
  14. mscarpena

    RAR...what is it?

    Tangs and angels love aussie acans. Aussie acans seem to be more tasty for whatever reason. Keep an eye on you angel fish if you get another one it might have been him.
  15. mscarpena

    RAR...what is it?

    Doc I contribute mine to the switch to TM mainly bacuse I had absolutely no other issues going on at the time. Also I lost some colonies that I have had to 4-5 years with no othe hiccups. Also a freind of mine bought a bucket of TM with me on the same shipment and had the exact same issues. I...
  16. mscarpena

    RAR...what is it?

    This has been happning to a lot of people with the aussie version. I have heard a few things, but none have been confirmed. They like cooler water 74 to start. I have heard there are small crustations that eat there flesh, they like to be fed a lot, also there are some sort of sponges that live...
  17. mscarpena

    Id this please

    Thats part of a dead snail. That is the hard calcium protective covering to the snails opening.
  18. mscarpena

    Mystery Coral ID Please -

    It does not look so good. It needs more light.
  19. mscarpena


    Most ballasts for aquariums are pretty good. Just because something is more expensive does not mean it's better. Look at the energy factor the higher the less it costs to run, warranty, and can you get a single, dual, or triple bulb ballast. I would go with either Ice Cap as the best, PFO, and...
  20. mscarpena

    MH bulb taking a while to fire 30 seconds

    Wierd, but I like your anwser. I am glad it's not the ballast. I am using and electronic 175 watt ballast with 2 21K reeflux bulbs if that helps. Thanks for your help.