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    Coralline Algae

    Decent lighting, a little bit somewhere in the tank to start with, good levels of calcium and TIME........... Here is the shot of mine I always post when I see someone wants the stuff.... The day may come when you just may hate the stuff,,,,,
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    Need lighting help

    What Flower said about MH is true as to the shimmer effect..It is basically a point light source issue and the casting of shadows. The big issue with me and MH is HEAT in the summer, far too much.... Here are two shots I took many moons ago showing that principle when I was a scenery builder...
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    where to place torch coral

    Originally Posted by mp32 That is a nice set up . So far it is fully extended it is in a moderate to heavy flow, and I have it high up by itself and there is no other coral nearby. I will try to post some pics. I am debating whether to move it lower. Just trying to find the spot. Just use care...
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    Need lighting help

    If you where thinking the Nova Extreme PRO was only good for soft corals, you most likely where looking at the Nova Extreme, NOT the N.Ex.Pro, big difference. In a 90 you can keep just about anything your heart desires with the PRO for around 400 bucks........Here are a few shots over time...
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    where to place torch coral

    Mine is in the mid-low area of my tank with NEP as lighting )6 T-5's. Occasional feedings of small meaty foods. This is a medium to low flow area. Just good tentacle flowing. This one started from a single head, now has 15-20 20 heads and a silly Maroon as its continual buddy too.
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    Need lighting help

    If it is a 90 gallon, 48" x 18" x 24" the Nova Extreme PRO with its 6 reflected T-5's would be a good light.......... It has a good shield and legs including bulbs all in that price. As far as pricing it is nearly as good or better in some folks opinions for less money than the more expensive...
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    Originally Posted by srfisher17 When I was in High School, I was attracted to a very attractive pole, Carla Bemowski. good one,,,,,,,,,,,,, OK just for fun, here is my magnet for checking and making sure my darn recalled Heart Defibrillator is still working .......... It also works great at...
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    I just want to track where this thread ends up...........Good One Guy "attracts ferrous.................................
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    Neptunes 125 Reef Diary.

    Originally Posted by Eric B 125 you could get a few bags of aragonite for way less than $300. I totally agree, with its increased buffering abilities I would use Aragnite sands........ Just do not use the very fine grained and if using any dry Aragnite sands be sure to rinse it extremely...
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    Long time reefers advice

    Like others have said Zoa s are a good addition to most any tank. Rics are nice too...I agree, go for some of the more exotics if available, if cost is not a mayor issue. Quote"Currently cost is not an issue so list away" OK here is my list, slip me a few bucks for your "Avatar " being it is my...
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    Cleaning Korilia

    I soak mine in white vinegar for a day, sometimes two if full of coralline. Them clean with a toothbrush under a running spigot . Just be sure they are rinsed out well before returning them to your tank.
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    RO water

    Originally Posted by reefkprZ umm maybe you should google distillation.... because your way off base on what it means. Yep that was about as wrong as it gets.......One think to watch for in the old days was water distilled with copper tubing.. I think that is a thing of the past. Xcali, THAT...
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    Don't worry about the base rock changing it will.. I think many folks don't realize that base stuff is just as good as Live Rock once some time passes..... Do a picture record ......You will enjoy looking back years from now. Here is my seeding rock from years ago followed by a shot of the same...
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    Good water prams (calcium in the proper levels, not overdoing it like Purple Up can).....and at least a small amount of it somewhere in the tank and time are the keys........ If there is none at all you can see, either a rock seeded with it of scrapings will accelerate the growth. I have shown...
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    New Lagoon Build 775 gallon

    OK me too...... I want to see new pictures
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    not a fish question - but need help

    Do be careful if using dust,a cover of some sort sealing off from the room may be in order when vacuuming the carpet or spreading powder.......Especially when vacuuming the exhaust will still contain the toxic dust........ Who was it that just had a huge crash from the same issue ???
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    48" T5 lighting in 55..?

    Originally Posted by Clownfanatic55 Man! lol okay, thanks...guess its gonna be on my christmas list then! Good move, Lighting is one of the biggest and most important investments we make in this obsession.......
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    Is rain water ok to use?

    Originally Posted by spanko Yes! Rainwater is perfect! For watering the grass, vegetable garden, flowers etc. But not in your aquarium please. Henry I would disagree if the collector used caution and some care as to where and when it it is collected when it comes to this issue.......I have...
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    48" T5 lighting in 55..?

    In one word, no..........One T-5 is about 55 watts, Even three like the local store has one their larger tank would be less than needed for a 55...... Many would say for your tank the Nova Extreme Pro would be the light of choice money wise with it's 6 refected T-5's.
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    To Dream Is To Believe…

    Originally Posted by Cranberry The sump was emptied by the skimmer...... It would have taken him a couple of days to make enough RO/DI to make enough SW to replace the 200g lost. He had zero backup water (not sure where his reserves were... I don't remember that part). Yes I do think having...