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  1. rossim

    Coming back to the hobby!

    I stepped away from reef tanks for around 15 years now. I had a 29 gallon reef tank. My uncle and I really got into the smaller reef tanks (neither of us had room for a larger tank). Yesterday I ordered a 70 gallon reef ready tank with all the fixings! For now it will be fish only, but I'm...
  2. rossim

    FS: 29 gal equipment/corals/fish

    My tank went downhill after I moved over the summer and I don't have the time to get it back where it should be. Therefore I decided to sell what I have and just start a FW tank for now. Looking for enough to get the FW tank going (new tank and all). I have PC 133 lights, two powerheads (one is...
  3. rossim

    GMail invites..... i got 50

    I found a way to get an account. If anyone is interested in getting one, email me and I'll send you the link. rossim2i2 at gmail dot com
  4. rossim

    GMail invites..... i got 50

    Originally Posted by bigarn Hey rossim ...... can you please explain what these are? :thinking: Its an email address that google offers. Currently the only way to get an account is to be "invited". They offer 2 gigs of space though, so you can keep all of your email online...
  5. rossim

    GMail invites..... i got 50

    does anyone have any invites left?
  6. rossim

    ID please pics!

    Hello all. Here is a pic just taken of BigArn's sponge like substance....
  7. rossim

    Sunday 6-pack

    Originally Posted by Lamaface How big is your tank and wat lights you running??? I want to do something similiar for a little tank in my room, how much noise ect? Thank for all the replies! The tank is a 29 gallon with a 10 gallon sump. Its been running for about 10 months now. The tank is...
  8. rossim

    Sunday 6-pack

    And a tank shot...
  9. rossim

    Sunday 6-pack

    A few changes to my tank....
  10. rossim

    Feeding coral banded shrimp....

    I feed my fish every other day and every now and then he'll come out and pull some shrimp out of the turkey baster. I usually spot feed him when I see him digging into my plates mouth to grab the food that it caught.
  11. rossim


    Nice rock work. Try to go slow adding corals and remember to give them enough room to grow (some mistakes I made at first ;) )
  12. rossim

    How often do you change water to adjust numbers?

    Its a good idea to do about a 10% water change every week. It will help keeps params in check and add new nutrients to the tank.
  13. rossim

    Emerald Crab- Dead or Molted?

    It sounds like a molt if the shell cracked easily and was hollow inside. Mine molt all the time. You even see the hairs on their legs on the molts, so it is usually really hard to tell. After a molt the crabs will hide out in the shelter of the rock until their new shell hardens. My guess is...
  14. rossim

    Then and Now!!!

    What happened to the brain coral? Mine is huge, so I'm guessing it may have gotten too big for your tank. Awsome growth. Looks great! :)
  15. rossim

    Why not? Just a couple of pics.

    Where's the pic?
  16. rossim

    2700 gallon aquarium pics

    pics must have gotten lost with the update. Can you repost them?
  17. rossim

    Tank Progresion

    What a difference! Good job.
  18. rossim

    10g nano update 2

    Let it sit overnight. All the heavier sand will sink to the bottom. Its perfectly normal when setting up a new tank. Do you have any power heads on currently? Turning them off may help the sand settle a little quicker.
  19. rossim

    Will base rock ever become live rock? included!!!

    Having it in a salt water tank will eventually bring it to life. As bacteria builds up in the tank, other bacteria will start to grow on the rocks to consume the initial bacteria. This cycle continues on and on until the tank is alive and you have a working ecosystem. However, it will take...
  20. rossim

    Cycle question with shrimp

    Use a raw cocktail shrimp to kick off the cycle. Keep it in until it starts to decompose in the water. After a couple days you should start seeing your algea levels going up. The entire cycle time can vary, but usually takes from 4-6 weeks. In my opinion, the shrimp method is the quickest way...