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    anybody have any idea's

    i have a 90 gallon with a lion and a eel in it i am going to add a lookdown. anyone have any other suggestions
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    little bubbles in water.

    micro bubbles are no good for anything in the tank you gotta get thaqt fixed,sounds like your sucking air thru a pump or power head someware
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    Too Strong A Cleaning Magnet????

    is this post for real or what! this is a joke right.
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    looking for filter

    hi all! i am looking for a couple of aqua king power filter cases, they are clear hang on am i showing my age here. i have the pump assembly's but no canister's thanks
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    Equipment Information

    you put a rain gutter on your tank!???
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    black lion

    thank you i have had it about 2 years now doing well thanks for your interest m.l.
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    black lion

    he is 9 inches long in a 90 gal with a eel
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    black lion

    well i have been there and done the reef and almost lost my house i think i got carried away besides the cost of the wattage to keep it alive was overwelming,the pieces of coral i lost developing the system was a waste of life.dont get me wrong i love reef systems but i think some things god...
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    OT - my new baby

    very pretty are you a gun owner lol
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    black lion

    this is a black lionfish pic taken with 2100 ultrazoom
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    Extremely loud overflow & flow problem

    cut back on the flow rate there is too much water going thru the dont need high volume of water to accomplish filtration tyrit m.l.
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    well that sure looks like a tee to me i dont see how that is a wave maker at all new one on me
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    good choice your welcome
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    Best way to build a large tank?

    very nice he has alot of room to grow Originally posted by NOVICE150 Honestly, its an optical illusion. He really hasnt grown much at all. Black tips grow at an average rate of 1/10 inch per month. How close I am to the tank, and how far back in the tank the shark is, affects how big he looks.
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    Acrylic Cement?

    mostglass shops that sell plexie will have acrilic bond cement
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    Amiracle skimmer

    i am not familar with that skimmmer but .your saying you turn the air on and the return from the skimmer to the tank has bubbles??
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    Best way to build a large tank?

    hey novice i sure would like to see some pics of that 1700 gal tank thanks m.l.
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    DIY Overflow with Acrylic. How do you fold three corners? And some other DYI info's

    i would not paint the plastic it might peel off,also 1 inch slits will be fine about 1/4 inch apart 1/8 inch wide
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    not to be a smart a__ __ but any one you like as long as you have a a good heater
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    What is low, medium, and high lighting?

    well i think 5 watts per gallon would be good also i think when you talk about lighting low med or high,you achive that buy placeing the coral in different levels of the tank ,to make it simple generally the deeper you go the darker it gets