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  1. vanos

    What else can I add?

    Thanks, I added a pebble butterfly fish today.
  2. vanos

    got a cleaner wrasse.

    I had a cleaner wrasse. It really stressed my fish out because they were always being cleaned/harassed everywhere they swam. I got rid of it quickly.
  3. vanos

    looking for skimmer

    I have had good success with the cpr bacpack skimmer. I have 2 on my 110 fowlr.
  4. vanos

    What else can I add?

    I have a 110 gallon aquarium. I currently have 5 1/2 inch hippo tang 2 inch 6 line wrasse 3 inch blue throat trigger 2 1/2 inch bi-color angel 4 1/2 inch hawaiian blenny What would anyone recommend? I was thinking a harlequin tusk or a big angel......Maybe a yellow tang???
  5. vanos

    Another Hair algea Problem

    You may also want to try a hawaiian blenny.
  6. vanos

    Our 55G FOWLR

    Very nice detailed pics.
  7. vanos

    Liverock losing color/coralline algae.

    I've never checked my calcium levels and I change my pc lights 1x/year. Thanks for the help.
  8. vanos

    Liverock losing color/coralline algae.

    Over the years I have noticed that my live rock has been losing it's color. Some have turned white. Is this due to low calcium or urchins eating the coralline? Thanks,
  9. vanos

    Question about feeding a Mandarin Dragonet

    I would personally bring him back to the lfs, they need a well established tank to survive-at least 6 months. Buying copepods are expensive and not worth it.
  10. vanos

    Post your LFS horror stories!

    Originally Posted by eelfan77 mine is the guy at my lfs said that i could have a undulated trigger with my 13 inch eel. What's wrong with that?
  11. vanos

    HELP!! My fish are dying!!

    Originally Posted by yannifish That is a lot of things to put in at once, though your test results sound good. What kind of tests do you use? I know aquarium phrm. is a good company. Did you get the fish from SWF (if you didn't, don't post the name of the retailer you got them from, or the...
  12. vanos

    How to start coralline algae growth?

    If you have urchins, they may eat any coralline that could build up.
  13. vanos

    How Much Sould LFS Charge for RO Water

    In Boston I pay $1/gallon of ro/di water that's already mixed with salt.
  14. vanos

    My Buddies AMAZING 190 gallon reef tank

    I love the two clownfish huddled together in the rockwork.
  15. vanos

    My Hippo Tang has Head and Lateral Line Erosion (HLLE)

    Can you take some pics? I have a hippo tang too but a line may just be normal.
  16. vanos

    Stupid Tangs and their ick

    Would any of you recommend adding fish to a DT even though the lfs uses copper in their tanks? I would believe that the copper would kill the ick.
  17. vanos

    90 gallon aggressive

    I would try 2 triggers in a 90 gallon-hawaiian black and a picasso or a pink-tail trigger.
  18. vanos

    lg fish lets see em !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Originally Posted by ocean predator there are 3 shops in worcester and one in framingham and 1 in salem n h and were do u go I mainly go to skiptons in boston and sometimes seaworld in nh. I also do some shopping online.
  19. vanos

    lg fish lets see em !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Originally Posted by ocean predator i'm looking forward to my fish getting bigger and bigger i love watching them grow ! i'd love 2 see your lg fish pics and eels of course and what sz tank there in !!!!! Where do you shop for fish stuff or fish in general, noticed you live in fitchburg. I...
  20. vanos

    SnowFlake eel

    SFE for sale in Boston, MA. 20 inches long with a voracious appetite. Pick up only will not ship. 30 Bucks. E-mail me at