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    Need help identifing please

    First pic looks like it could be acanthastrea echinata to me, however i could be wrong. Second looks like a bird nest however its really small to tell 100%
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    Major zoa problems

    Lighting is stock 36W pc 2 bulb 1 full actinic and 1 10k. Ive got them to open a little so they show color but nothing more also My palys have opened and are very very happy since doing a 50% WC which i knownisnt ideal but my Acan and meteorshower are super happy and zoas just seem to be...
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    Major zoa problems

    Salinity 1.025 tested with refactometer Water temp 78 Dont have calcium test kit also do not dose for it Water flow i would say is medium compared to my past sps tank. Alk was a huge typo and i apologize actual is 8.3 dkh. Dont know how i screwed that up so bad. Did a 50% water change in...
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    Major zoa problems

    Was a member here 7 or so years ago and back in the reef game. Anyways i started a 29 biocube and couldnt be happier being a reefer again. However i cant seem to keep zoas alive like before. Tank has completed 3 month cycle and water perams are as follows. Nitrate/nitrite/amonia 0/0/0 Ph 8.4...