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  1. jonthefb

    possibly my best photo ever

    great shot! and love teh site....been there many tiems inthe past! good luck jon
  2. jonthefb

    Semi-O.T--- How'd you get on this site?

    i agree its been soooo long ago! im sure it was because i was searching yahoo or something, however i found this board and "the " other board, and the people here are just soo much freindlier here, so i stayed! good luck jon
  3. jonthefb

    Clown Eating Pods

    actually the item on top of the menu in the wild is copeopods.....many of the fish, corals, anemones, etc are voracious pod eaters....i mean think about ofeten on a reef loaded with millions of fish...does a dead shrimp simply float down and land into an anemone with out beign consumesd...
  4. jonthefb

    New Sump Setup

    damn man, anyone who takes a shot of skimmate whould win fear factor, w/o a prob1 good luck, nice set up mark! jon
  5. jonthefb

    I need a Clean-Up Crew

    as far as the tang gettign sick, the number one cause for problems i temp swings, especially in the transition form fall to winter...monitor your tep thoughout the day and see what it hovers dont want it too jump too much! the shrmip and crab on the dead tang, are just those guys...
  6. jonthefb

    Clown Eggs - Day 5

    bagn have you heard of cyclop-eeze? there was an article in fama, i think last march or may, where a gentleman usd the stuff in breedign clowns instead of rotifers.artemia nauplii, etc! the clowns supposedly ate teh food twice daily, and gained their normal color in like 10 or 15 days...which...
  7. jonthefb

    What is causing my Cyno Problem

    what type of filter are you using, and what type of tank is it (reef, fish only, etc?) these are teh main causes of red slime algae: 1. overfeeding If we get carried away feedign our tanks, and dont have either a clean up crew or filter system strong enough to support eh overfeeding, other life...
  8. jonthefb

    How to ensure that tank trim lays perfectly flat

    good luck...sounds like fun! jon
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    new pics of 150 and so frags

    heheh, love that im gonna get her something that i will use idea....might have to put that into effect this christmas...."honey look i got you a ca reactor for christmas"!!! great tank m....very kewl....what type of lights are you running??? good luck jon
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    check with your rye said, if they dont sstocke them, they can get them.....if not, try a bait shop! good luck jon
  11. jonthefb

    Hair Algae Question

    how old is your is possible that this hair algae is simply part of your algae the others have said, test the water...check your levels of ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate....what type of water are you using?....tap or ro/di? what type of fish do you have in the...
  12. jonthefb

    Cleaning Overflow Box

    attml nailed it on the head! i would clean it out no matter what as you need something in the tank, and the more dirty an overflow box is, the less efective it is. the u tube alone growing algae can severely cut back the rate of water turnover, adn can actually cause the tank to overflow from...
  13. jonthefb

    feeding starfish?

    that really sucks man....onver time the star will definately perish....i would try to find it a better home etiher back at your lfs(however seeing as they might jsut sell it to and uninformed hobbiest again) you might try your local reef club, or post an ad in the classified section of this...
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    OT- Have a good week!

    very kewl good luck jon
  15. jonthefb

    first steps

    mushrooms, button polyps and soft corals are usually reccommended for beginners! good lcuk jon
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    or is it that if you tell us youll have to silently kill us?
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    SPS: what do you think?

    they should all be fine! good luck jon
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    This enough lights?

    yeah fire hazards! yikes good luck jon
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    LR from this site

    congrats adn good luck jon
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    Kip, it opened big

    ouch thats gotta hurt! good luck jon