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  1. cannonman

    My heater just broke. Will my fish make it until tomorrow

    You'll be fine. If you're really worried about it turn the temp up in that room for the night and/or leave the light on for some extra heat (if you have Metal Halides anyhow)
  2. cannonman

    Need return pump help fast!

    I'll go take a look at those right now, thank you!
  3. cannonman

    Need return pump help fast!

    My return pump just went out- it came with my reef tank used and I can't find that same brand anywhere... it's a Beauty brand and "CAP-2200 Volt:115/60 Hz t/hr: 2200 Watt: 33W" What would be a suitable replacement??? I would like to buy one and get next day delivery as I don't want my reef going...
  4. cannonman

    Whats growing on my LR? pics included

    It doesn't look red... it looks purple, IMO it's coraline algae
  5. cannonman

    Have a few questions about Yellow Cucumbers.

    Not for 8 gallon tank, I think there might be some variety that filter feed but most cucumbers clean sand.... LOTS of it... either way I wouldn't put one in a tank that small.
  6. cannonman

    I don't really know what this stuff is???

    Holy!!! If those are flat worms that would be the worst infestation I've ever seen.. (sorry)...
  7. cannonman

    Vicegrip's 75 G pic Diary

    8" ? Oh heck, it was just a little guy! You know that monster in my tank? It's identical to that one.... just bigger. I seen him again yesterday chomping on a snail...... I really starting to think I should get him out of there ..... somehow. How about an updated pic of your montiporas again as...
  8. cannonman

    Light problems, contact info?

    C'mon, nobody will even read my question? bump.... It's an $800.00 light and only a year old, I'm frustrated, please help-
  9. cannonman!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just curious why you would run the RODI right into the tank?
  10. cannonman

    Light problems, contact info?

    I have had a coralife light on my tank now for just over one year (twin 250 MH and twin 96 acintics) but the acintics (spelling?) are now not working right... I hear what sounds like a short when I flip the switch to turn them on... if I leave them on they eventually short and go out...
  11. cannonman

    Coral Keepers 10 gallon dart frog diary.

    Great looking tank you got there! THANKS A LOT !!!! As if I didn't have enough hobbies I am now going to go and read up on frogs..... wait until I tell my wife. I have an old 35 hex that should make a great tank for them....
  12. cannonman

    Banded Coral Shrimp/fire shrimp

    I had one of each in a 75 reef for over a year with no problems at all.
  13. cannonman

    Snail being eaten by the hermit crabs

    or buy a bunch of empty shells and put them in the tank
  14. cannonman

    Everyone, mainly should read this.

    I have a lot of silver and a little bit 'o gold... nice to have tangible assets in addition to all the traditional investments.
  15. cannonman

    Aquacultured Live Rock?

    my buddy and I made some of our own with cement and oyster shell... can't tell it apart from the wild stuff now- completely covered in coraline and little critters, best part is you can make whatever size and shape pieces you want.
  16. cannonman

    Told these were feather dusters but?

    probably dead feather dusters if nothing has poked out since you've had them. I have a few of these and their tubes grow with age, get longer, mine have little red feather dusters that come out... I'm sure there's a name for them but I don't know.. beneficial IMO to have.
  17. cannonman

    Strawberry hermit crab

    Ummm... are you sure he's not dead?
  18. cannonman

    Help Fast!!!!!!!!!

    You need to do more than a 10% asap, at least 50% imo and figure out what has caused this asap, did something die?
  19. cannonman

    red algae

    Is it a new tank? If not it's more than likely a nutrient problem of sorts...
  20. cannonman

    I think my CBS is carrying eggs..

    I could be wrong here but I think they might have a free swimming stage after which case the powerheads and other filtration devices would kill them. I think to have any chance at all you would have to transfer them to a empty tank, remove the adults after hatching, use a sponge...