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    Lumps on Fairy Wrasse Head

    I am hoping the attachment will show, as I inserted image last post. It started out as what looked like one small white dot on his head and I originally thought it may have been sand on him. I have monitored as the week has went on, and that white spot has now grown to cover half of his head and...
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    Lumps on Fairy Wrasse Head

    I noticed a small white dot on my orangeback fairy wrasse on Monday. As the week has progressed, the white spots have grown and my poor little guy now has a lumpy head. This is the best photo I could manage because he tends to shy away when I go close to the tank. Any idea what this is??
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    Galaxea Frustration

    Purchased this rather large (softball sized) galaxea coral nearly 2 weeks ago. We got it straight from the LFS and it had not even been removed from the shipping bags. I've got it placed at the bottom of the tank in a medium flow area but it just does not seem happy to me, as I've yet to see any...
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    coral ID please

    Can anyone help me identify this coral, please?