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  1. flatzboy

    Pre-packaged Seawater

    It works great although it can get pricey... I just drive my boat out into the gulf a few miles and fill up a few buckets and my corals seam to react so awesome to it after a water chage to it.. I/m just afraid that one of these days I'm gonna scopp up some red tide or parasites..
  2. flatzboy

    Bang, thig might be a good tool for are members

    Yeah that is a great site and would solve a lot of lighting questions.. I refered a member to it yesterday and I see it got deleted... I don't understand why we can't link sites that don't sell stuff... If anything sites like that would help out But o'well.
  3. flatzboy

    xm bulbs

    According to sanjays lighting test they the 15000k xm bulbs are really lacking in par.. This site should be helpful ***link deleted***
  4. flatzboy

    fuge lighting

    I'd use a lights of america 65 watt florex light from your local home depot.
  5. flatzboy

    Auto Top Off Question

    Originally Posted by scubatiffy Any estimate on cost for something like that? Just brainstorming with my dad, and thought maybe a five gallon or so bucket with a drip valve at the bottom? Cheap and seems easy enough- but then again, everytime I say that it turns into a huge hassel! The setup...
  6. flatzboy

    Too Much Light??

    Go the vho route with uri super actinics they have a built in reflector.. As for aclimation, cut a piece of eggcrate to fit the top of your tank and put about 5-8 layers of screen over it and remove one layer every 3 days.
  7. flatzboy

    Wattage for MH?

    Isn't a 55g. 48'' long?
  8. flatzboy

    Too Much Light??

    400's are gonna be a little heavy on the electric bill.. You really don't need 400 watters either on a 24'' tall tank.. I'd run 4 240 watt hqi metal halides in pfo mini pendants with pfo hqi ballasts and 14k pheonix bulbs..
  9. flatzboy

    I just ordered my lights.

    You could do a squamosa or dersea but stay away from other ones.
  10. flatzboy

    Protein Skimmer under $50

    Cpr bak-pak are a good choice.. I've seen used ones go for $50-$60 dollars in the classified section and on E bay
  11. flatzboy

    Auto Top Off Question

    Imo your better off with something professionally built then a diy auto-topoff because you will run the risk off floods and all that fun stuff.. I run a aqua-medic sp-3000 dosing pump connected to a reeffanatic level controller with dual float switches.. It has worked great for me and I...
  12. flatzboy

    Can anyone ID this coral for me?

    Looks like a sun coral to me to..
  13. flatzboy

    Purple up

    I don't believe in those products, I think there a waste of money. I'd rather spend the time and money on kalkwasser to keep my cal-alk-ph levels stable. Once I started dripping kalk my coraline went nuts know I have to scrape it off the front glass almost every week.
  14. flatzboy

    Lighting for 180 gl ? Please cast vote/opinion

    I'd go with 3x250 watt hqi metal halides in pfo mini pendants with pfo hqi ballasts mounted into a canopy with 2 vho uri superactinics.
  15. flatzboy

    growing corraline algae

    Once you get your cal-alk levels stabilized then I reccomend dripp kalk 24/7 once I did my coraline went nuts know its more of nuissance since I have to scrape it off my front glass all the time..
  16. flatzboy

    Worst skimmer in the world

    Originally Posted by bvdov I have a Red Sea Prism Pro Delux. I have had it for several months and have still not been able to get it to skim consistently. Do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks! First take the skimmer outside and smash it to pieces with a baseball bat, then search online...
  17. flatzboy

    I just bought a 72 bow. What should I do for lighting

    Beth did you get another tank?
  18. flatzboy

    Holy $$$$ Coral!!!!

    I can not see spending $50 a polyp for a color that has rather dull colors and is tiny... I think shrooms are nicer they any acan lord. If they were cheap like $30 for a small colony no one would buy them because of there dull colors. The only reason why people buy them really is to brag about...
  19. flatzboy

    Complete 125 FOWLR setup!!h

    I'll give you $100 shipped for the uv sterilizer I can get them for $150 new off an auction site. :)
  20. flatzboy

    Coralife Turbo Twist UV Sterilizer

    $50 shipped?