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  1. spunky

    clam question.

    i got my maxima at about 1 1/2" and have never fed it anything special and itis fine grows like a champ :)
  2. spunky

    Do clams move

    they sure do when i got my maxima every time i look in the tank for the first week or so he was in a different position. hasn't moved in months now so i gues he found the perfect spot and flow.
  3. spunky

    Wats a good filter for a 40glln

    I just started using a canister to replace my biowheel 200 on my 20g sps tank the canister i got was the Rena XP1 and so far i like it priming is easy and once you prime it you will not have to prime it again b/c of the lock valve which keeps water in both the intake and return tubes so when you...
  4. spunky

    How to catch a Fame Angel

    i had to get a domino damsel out of my tank last week and i tried everything to get him out without ripping the tank apart so i went back to my fishing experiece and went to walmart and got the smallest sibiki rig i could get cut the bottom hook off and some of the line which gave me about a 6"...
  5. spunky

    Snail question

    how many Nassarius snails would you keep in a 24 gal aquapod. just want to see if i have to many or too few. i have 3 1/4" ones in there now.
  6. spunky

    Candy Cane Feeding?

    i feed mine mysis every fewdays. they are frozen so i put a little tank water in a small cup add the frozen mysis wait till they defrost and suck them up with a medicine syringe or feeding syringe if you get it at the LFS. and then just slowly an gently i squirt some on each head and they engulf...
  7. spunky

    Can someone ID this ?

    thanks for the quick responce guys, that was the other thought i had. shoud i nuke them ?
  8. spunky

    cyna bacteria

    +1 on all the above and time. There os no quick fix for cyano besides the chemicals but they mask the prob. and could nuke the tank if you are not careful
  9. spunky

    Can someone ID this ?

    I have no idea what they are. it has been in mytank since i got the LR and never grew or anything, last week i noticed that it had split into 2 and today i noticed the right one has split again. They look like little bubble tip anemones
  10. spunky

    New addition to my family

    Got this little guy on saturday and seems to be doing just fine He is about 2". The guy at my LFSsaid to put it in my rockwork but the way that my rockwall is setup i could not find a good spot for him so i pit a nice piece of rubble burried in the sand and the rock had a little cup shape to it...
  11. spunky

    New ORA Maxima

    do you know if an emerald crab will mess with the clams, the reason i ask is i am supposed to be getting a maxima 2-3" one tomorrow and i have a realy big emerald in there and i have seen him eat meat, matter of fact when i give my scoylimia a piece of silver side i have to put another piece...
  12. spunky

    Frogspawn help please

    ok so here is my problem i need some advise. my aquapod was setup in march of 08 and in may i got some frogspawn from a local reefer and it has been doing great and getting really big until like nov - dec it started shrinking and bleaching out so i thought it was about time to change my pc's but...
  13. spunky

    Weird Zoo Strings

    they are expelling their zooanthlia (sp) which is like their sunscreen they are adjusting to your lighting. What kind of lighting do you have them under ?
  14. spunky

    What the heck is this ???

    are they a bad thing b/c i notice the webs are getting on one of my colonies of zoas and it seems to be bothering them
  15. spunky

    What the heck is this ???

    can anyone tell me what this tube thing is under my monti it is growing real fast and now there are like coebs coming out of it.
  16. spunky

    New Store To Check Out In L.i. N.y.

    thats cool i grew up in centereach/selden area what shopping center are they in ? is it near that crappy store by models ? i went home to visit a few months ago and was driving around the old stomping grounds and wanted to see if they had anything cool and what a joke they were i was in there...
  17. spunky

    New Green Monti

    very nice i have been looking for some locally for awhile with no luck.
  18. spunky

    High PH.... Help???

  19. spunky

    High PH.... Help???

    I seem to be having a problem with my ph just got done doing like a 2 gal water change on my 20 gal frag tank and did my test and here are the results. Salinity - 1.025 temp - 78 PH - 8.5 amo - 0 trites - 0 trates - 0 phos - 0 alk - 6 need to raise cal - 400 Here are the tank specs. 20gal tank...
  20. spunky

    Question about Zoanthids

    most of the time they will that is if you are upgrading your lights and not just moving them to a different part of the tank