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  1. tsx

    6 pack

    Love the goby picture what camera do you use? :yes:
  2. tsx

    Just Six Fish Pics

    Very nice shots.. you could put those in marine fish book
  3. tsx

    My domino & Anemone!

    and Meaner
  4. tsx

    First Porcupine Puffer: Living On The Edge!!!

    Another porc puffer story; my neighbor has a porc puffer in his 125 that didn't eat for a few weeks. He's now doing fine. Hope yours comes around too. Good Luck
  5. tsx

    Just a couple 10gal shots

    Ima looking and Ima likeing :yes:
  6. tsx

    Fiesty Mandarin

    I enjoy watching my mandarin glide through the rocks, peacfully grazing. I've never seen any aggressive behaviour until yesterday. My coral beauty who also enjoys grazing on the same rocks came a little to close to Mandy. His dorsal stood straight up like a catfish and dared the CB to come...
  7. tsx

    Three Months

    Looks like a painting :yes: Beautiful
  8. tsx

    Sump Pics Please

    I think the urchin is a great skimmer for the money; just keep it clean
  9. tsx

    Sump and or refugium pics

    Here's mine which is similar to Gold Strip Just kidding
  10. tsx

    my new babe has arrived

    Definitely a dream tank; Good Luck and have fun. :yes:
  11. tsx

    New 460/420 Actinic Bulb

    nice Glow pictures :)
  12. tsx

    Sump Pics Please

    here's my sophisticated sump
  13. tsx

    6 pack

    nice and clean looking; I like the cave :)
  14. tsx

    Pink Skunk with Orange Face

    Thanks, it looks like a cross between an orange and pink skunk clown never seen one like it and I've never seen the eyemarks before either.
  15. tsx

    Pink Skunk with Orange Face

    I picked this guy up a couple of weeks ago following the loss of my Maroon. Does anyone know if this is common for a pink skunk to have an orange face? Sorry for the picture quality.
  16. tsx

    75g at 4 months

    MMMMM nice looks very peaceful :yes: what's your lighting / filtration setup?
  17. tsx

    This guy bit me the other day

    I get a recurring "hive-like" reaction on my hand if I touch my live rock when I clean. I now use gloves if I think I may touch the rock.
  18. tsx

    Info needed for anemones

    Here's my pink skunk with my LTA (I have PC lighting) :)
  19. tsx


    I gotta fever; and the only prescription is more cow fish Sorry but i could'nt resist:)
  20. tsx

    Plenum vs. dsb

    Thanks for the picture:yes: I have a plenum w/ 4 to 6 inch sand bed since 98 w no problems