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  1. wamp

    Any old friends still here???

    JW how ya been? You know, that LFS store puts fish in tanks that are half what they are supposed to be in. It's surprising they are still in business. Want to hear something AWFUL! I have a naso tang in my 38! Yeah, I have been blasted. I will be moving him in the next few months to my...
  2. wamp

    Any old friends still here???

    It's been a while. I see Beth and BangGuy are still around. How about NMReef, Sammy, RYe?? It's been a long time for me. I am still in the hobby and currently I am running a red sea max tank. I never knew how nice these were until I started this small reef. I used to only do large tanks but to...
  3. wamp

    HARRY POTTER - the final countdown!!!!

    That book is the DEVIL Never read them but liked the movies! I love how some people are making a huge deal out of a book that is all about a fairly tell.... Oh well, people have to have something in life to complain about.. At least there not complaining about me!
  4. wamp


    Yes and no soon to be.... A while back me and the wife bought a house. Then we went through some tough times in the whole marriage, (who knew it took work???) so now we are in the rebound process.. Once all is cool with us, my dream tank will be built! Who knows how long that will take. New job...
  5. wamp


    Been Good.. Very busy with work and all. Decided to pop in yesterday while I was on a confrence call and saw some of my old friends still swimmin around. Wheres Sammy?
  6. wamp


    You see, I go away and everything changes.... You see what happens when you leave something unattended...
  7. wamp

    Computer smart people.....

    Get rid of ME and go with XP or 2Kpro (If you can find it) Other than that, most of the time (as stated) when defrag stops ro starts over, something is running. The safe mode option would be my first try. If it still hangs, run a check disk and see if you have errors.
  8. wamp

    Napolean Dynamite

    Hated It! I am a fan of movies and enjoy some off the wall stuff, but this was awful.
  9. wamp

    Need to vent... worst week ever.

    (and yes, it's the truck in the avatar. guess I didn't do the tranny any favors, huh? lol) I would say you didn't help it any.. :)
  10. wamp

    Need to vent... worst week ever.

    Yeah, sounds like a crappy week. Those Richmond floods were pretty swift! .. Could always be worse though. You have to look at things in perspective.. PS. I this the same truck with smoke coming off the tires in the Avatar? It's a nice looking truck.
  11. wamp


    Anyone but Miami! I love the team, but I think they will suck this year..
  12. wamp


    I love the rat rods... I have always thought they are much more original than Hot Rods... Anyone can take a car to a shop and have it done, but to build it with your own hands and literally put anything you find in the yard on it is unique! But I will have to say, I still like the Hot Rods adn...
  13. wamp

    Free Package to the 100th post

    2 legit to quit! Oh Well, I did not win... Thas ok, I still love me!:happyfish
  14. wamp

    Hey Mods....what happened to Editing Privileges?

    I sense something Can you see Dead people too?
  15. wamp


    Take me!
  16. wamp

    What's your favorite line from a movie?

    I would have to say the funniest lines and my favorite is from Southpark - Bigger, longer and Uncut: Eric! How would you like to go see the princible - Mr. Garrison How would you like to suck my B#%$ - Cartman What did you say??!! - Mr. Garrison Uh.. Uh.. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, (pulls out the...
  17. wamp

    What's your favorite line from a movie?

    1.What you say about my momma??!! Break yo self Fool!!! 2. Tha Man!!! 3. You can take Dasheka out the hood, but you can't take them hood rats out Dasheka 4. Wrong Hole Fool! 5. I hate my gums cause they black..... 6. HURRY UP AN BUY! All lines from the classic comedy, Don't be a menace to...
  18. wamp

    Help with Windows XP Media Edition

    You know, Media center is a Mystery to everyone. Not much out there on it.. Still looking though.. Coming up with blanks so far. I have given the question to Microsoft though. We have an EA with them and also have a staff member who is our Microsoft Compatibility programer and he too is curious...
  19. wamp

    Quick Poll

    Show mw some Jennie Finch and I will watch it! She is sooo hot when she pitches.. I dig chicks who could wop my A#%!! I can stare at her here on my desktop all day.. Am I a stalker? I am scaring myself!
  20. wamp

    pharmacist please

    Send them to me, I will try them out for you and let you know... Kidding! What color are the [hr] ? Any markings on them or is it just an empty bottle? Or are you just asking and you already know what the [hr] are but just curious as to what JNO stands for?