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    Another Brooklynella question

    I couldn't find the maracyn two, but did get maracyn and started the treatment yesterday. I think it's startng to work, the eye looks a lot better today. Thanks a lot Beth.:joy:
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    Another Brooklynella question

    I'll try to get a decent picture. As far as I can tell, there is no shedding.
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    Another Brooklynella question

    I have a pair of true percs, the larger one has white on the sides. Noticed a couple of days ago that its left eye is clouding over too. After looking at the photo of the fish with Brooklynella, I would assume that is what is wrong, but it still eats like crazy, breathes fine, and shows no other...
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    Moving grape caulerpa ?

    Thanks for the help.
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    Moving grape caulerpa ?

    How do you attach it or make it grow in the other tank ??
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    Moving grape caulerpa ?

    How can I move some grape caulerpa from one tank to another ? Do I just cut a piece off ?? Thanks
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    Indiana Residents

    I'm in Kokomo I agree with the stores mentioned and want to add one, Picture Perfect Pets in Marion. I've been dealing with them for an while and have never had any problems. Would be interested in some frags too, if anyone is interested.
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    Where to put leather coral ?

    OK, Thanks It's a Sarcophyton
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    Where to put leather coral ?

    I just got a leather coral and want some advice on placement and current flow. Am using MH lighting. Should I set it in the substrate with mild current ??? Any info on the leather would be appreciated Thanks John
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    Live Rock and Sand for sale in KY

    Where are you located in Ky. I'm in central Indiana and might be interested in the LR.:)
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    OT: getting to know the people behind the posts

    DVS looks more like Mariah Carey ???
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    Light for lionfish ??

    I read that you should use subdued lighting for lionfish, so was wondering if I could use some blue plexiglass under a NO flo. or use a red light ? Any suggestions. divedog :confused:
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    Looking for 75 gal tank in Indiana

    If anyone knows about a 75 gal tank for sale in or near central Indiana, let me know. Thanks divedog
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    Another way to look at calcium, alk and pH

    I agree with blondenaso, it's a different way of putting it, but it is a really great post. I know it helped me understand the balances a lot better. Thanks Broomer. divedog :)
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    please identify this RED ANEMONE

    I don't know what kind of anemone it is, but do know red anemones do exist, but are very rare. I've only seen two in all the places I have been diving, one was on a wreck in Truk Lagoon, the other was in the Red Sea, both were very large. I did take a couple of pictures of the one in the Red...
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    What salinity do y'all keep your reefs at?

    I keep mine at 1.023 - 1.024 :D
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    OT: getting to know the people behind the posts

    hairtrigger....... liveaboards are the only way to go if you can. All you do is dive, eat, and sleep, not necessarily in that order. You can dive as much or as little as you want. I know what you mean about being hesitant about staying on a liveaboard for a week, but I've taken a lot of people...
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    Blue leg mystery

    My guess is one of the other blue legs killed it. ??
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    Blue leg Hermit crabs

    I've had a lot of trouble with blue legs killing my scarlets, so am thinking maybe you might get either blue legs or scarlets but not both. I think a lot of snails would be good, I think they do a lot more cleaning than the crabs, but the crabs will get down on the sand and the snails don't. (...
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    OT: getting to know the people behind the posts

    Hey, Hairtrigger........yes, its an olive seasnake taken on the northern great barrier reef in Australia. I took a small group of divers on a liveaboard trip and was just showing some of the divers the seasnake. Yes the're very poisonous, but not aggressive at all. I've always advocated not...