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  1. deon nyc

    hair alage is driving me nuts

    red hermits solved this problem for me.
  2. deon nyc

    Happy Birthday Indeed...My New 240g Tank!

    Happy Birthday. What kind of stand are you going to use. u should PUT IT IN THE WALL and get a car cover.
  3. deon nyc

    New to the hobby, Need an ID please

    if u ever get to queens theis is Fish Town USA cornor if francis lewis blvd and Nothern Blvd. their are on of the best around my way with good prices.
  4. deon nyc

    New to the salt Fish world, plz help

    you should be able to get a copy of the water report from the town you are in. their could be something that the test is not picking up.
  5. deon nyc


    i use the pods sold on this web site with in 2-3 weeks u can see them all ove the tank and i re seed ever other month.
  6. deon nyc

    Need help, no coraline or coral growth

    i use purple up
  7. deon nyc

    Anemone Ate Cleaner Shrimp

    anemone will eat anything thats willing to come close enough to catch.
  8. deon nyc

    How many fish can I have

    is it a FOWLR tank??
  9. deon nyc

    Live Rock questions

    where are u located if you are within the nyc area their is a place that sells it for 3.99 a lbs in queens. rock is rock. its all depends on the look yuo are goin for and how much you are will to spend for it. different rock cost different prices.
  10. deon nyc

    Sorry, have to show-off

    nice catch.did u find out what kind of anemone it is? if u dont mind how much did it all come up 2?
  11. deon nyc

    Hatian Anemone

    Originally Posted by chaseter Do you have different anem species in the same tank? What color are the arms of the hatian? How often do you feed? What do you feed? What are your tank, water params, and light specs? the arms are pink w/ dark pink tips. i feed srimp and fish once every 2weeks and...
  12. deon nyc

    Hatian Anemone

    I have an Hatian Anemone and it keeps moving under rocks and not getting light then falls to the floor and i have to put it back into the light. it will stay their for about 3-4 weeks then move away from the light. is this a normal thing that they do becasue the rest of my anemone dont move and...
  13. deon nyc

    Wet/dry trickle help.

    you could ck you tube they have a few.
  14. deon nyc

    Tank Level Floor Is Not Help

    Originally Posted by johnr2604 Well, wouldn't that be a problem with the stand itself? not realy because the added wood is a different type of wood and becasue it is at the bottom of the tank it have more of a chance of being dammaged rather than your stand itself.
  15. deon nyc

    Tank Level Floor Is Not Help

    if u need to put 3/8 slab on top of the floor u could predrill 1/2 in holes about 4in apart in a grid for and add short stubs of re-bar sticking up the 3/8 out of the floor then use chicken wire inbetween the rebar then por your slab with a 4000 or 6000 grade mix. or u can dig up the floor and...
  16. deon nyc

    Snails not moving

    For the pass 48hrs my snails all have not come ony of their shells only 4are moving anyone have any ideas. their are 4 different kind of snauls in the tank and one of each is moving the rest have not even moved
  17. deon nyc

    Tank Level Floor Is Not Help

    Originally Posted by Xcali1985 If he dosen't level it that will result in extra pressure on one side of the tank. Stressing the silicone joints. You can stress the joints simply by carrying a tank wrong let alone lots of pressure. Its a basement floor correct? If so, why not spend the money and...
  18. deon nyc

    What does 8hrs in a smokey enviroment get you??

    Thats is wrong. u cant put pic like this you are playing with people bellys and thats is a crime
  19. deon nyc

    water for waterchange

    how much water are you talking about?