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  1. evilss

    Complete 125 Gallon Reef for sale in Birmingham, AL

    if you decide to part out i would love some of the rock. email me if you do.
  2. evilss

    T5 Light for Sale

    i sent you a pm
  3. evilss

    breaking down 135, cullman al

    everything sold this weekend. thanks alot for everyones intrest. please delete this thread
  4. evilss

    breaking down 135, cullman al

    live rock is sold. sharkman2189.... make me an offer. this needs to move quick. are you wanting the fish also?? dochardrock.... sorry i didnt get back to you yesterday. i have a person intrested in both overflows but i do have a mag drive 9 pump for my return.
  5. evilss

    breaking down 135, cullman al

    fishfreak1242. whats a email so i can send you a pic?
  6. evilss

    breaking down 135, cullman al

    yes i will be selling the tank, the stand, the wet/dry. pretty much everything. i got one offer on the live rock. im just looking for someone to make offers. i need to get rid of the fish before i can sell the tank. so if your intrested in anything please email me. thanks.
  7. evilss

    breaking down 135, cullman al

    im breaking down my 135 gal tank. i just dont have time to take care of it anymore and dont really have the room. i will be keeping some items. i have some fish in it and would like to get rid of them first. i have a reverse goldentail moray eel, he is about 12"-14" long. he eats great...
  8. evilss

    need lights for 90 gal tall

    the tank is the 90 gallon tall. the tank measures 36 x 18 x 31. i have a canopy also. im wanting to keep some corals in there as well. what are you guys suggestions. this is my first reef and any advice helps me out alot. thanks.
  9. evilss

    free green brittle star, al

    im in cullman.
  10. evilss

    free green brittle star, al

    pick up only please. great star. just wanting something a lil different. he is about 8"-10" diameter. so someome please want him. i can drive to meet if your intrested. thanks.
  11. evilss

    240 cube for sale in Atl. Ga $500

    can i ask why your getting rid of this tank? and does it leak at all? im very intrested.
  12. evilss

    Lookin for "24" pc's

    if you want just the lights and ballast i have all of that im selling. if you want something that your gonna put in a canopy. let me know by email.
  13. evilss

    WTB Hang-on Skimmer for 90 gal

    If anyone has one im in need of one. Just let me know price and brand. Looking to buy very quickly. You can email me, I can reply fast that way, is the email. Thanks in advance.
  14. evilss

    Looking For Liverock

    im looking for good deals on liverock. if you have any let me know.
  15. evilss

    WTB : Large tank in Al.

    thats terrible. im gonna have to go down there and see if there are any good specials going on.
  16. evilss

    WTB : Large tank in Al.

    i havent heard that aquarium design was closing down. that really sux. a lil high on the price but had some nice stuff. when did you hear they were closing?
  17. evilss

    WTB : Large tank in Al.

    if you ever travel to gadsden then look up a place called langs tropical fish. the actually city that it is in is glencoe. they have good deals on scratch and dent items. it may be worth a call.
  18. evilss

    looking 4 liverock

    looking for good sized pieces at low prices. anyone have any or know where i can get some.
  19. evilss

    Kent nautilus TE FS

    can i get a pic? im close and i could come pick it up. let me know.
  20. evilss

    Kent Nautilus Te Skimmer F/s

    i would love a pic also.