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  1. reef diver

    underwater case

    Also, remember even though an extra 20 feet isnt so bad number wise, pressure inscreaces exponentially.
  2. reef diver

    Ok the .7 gallon tank, for real.

    Haha, sorry, no time recently, I have been considering using a large 10k regular compact flourecent for my fixture, just to complete teh DIY aspect.
  3. reef diver

    Want to trade Mangroves for Cheato?

    Whats Codium Intricatum, sounds like a chemical, lol?
  4. reef diver

    Want to trade Mangroves for Cheato?

    The Mangroves are already taking root, only 2 died BTW
  5. reef diver

    5.5 Gal with custom overflow/fuge built in.

    Originally Posted by Ray J Neal Are you suggesting that I will not hold? I couldn't find anything to use other than GLASS silicone. Acrylic silicone wouldn't be any better as I don't have acrylic..what are your thoughts on this working? Plexiglass IS Acrylic
  6. reef diver

    Coral Keepers 8 gall bio cube reef tank diary.

    Jtrzerocool, dont trade him the kenya tree, it spreads almost as bad as aiptasia, and must be rigorously maintained to prevent a takeover. I keep one kenya and I toss about 5, 1 inch frags per week. Those palys are nice tho.
  7. reef diver

    A Shot In The Dark

    You know it! People on -- have never seen this before except for one person and she does it diferently than I do. Definitely a custom photography technique. My local club already loves it. Heres an example: She could have done better on more macro type shot, and a brighter, tighter...
  8. reef diver

    A Shot In The Dark

  9. reef diver

    A Shot In The Dark

    Yeah, thats my fav too
  10. reef diver

    Want to trade Mangroves for Cheato?

    Yep, they arrived in good quality, though UPS messed up my shimpent. For reference there were a few long and short propagules, they were packed well, with wet newspaper around the base.
  11. reef diver

    A Shot In The Dark

    camera, its a really crappy, 2.1 MP Sony Cybershot, kinda suprised me with the quality.
  12. reef diver

    A Shot In The Dark

    A Clown In The Dark This one didnt turn out as nicely as the others with that super-clear contrast, but its nice. The clown wasn't really that hard to photograph like this, but I do want a better photo. All i did, is I used the same red filter to find the clown. then i turned off the light...
  13. reef diver

    T-5 lit tanks?

    The thing w/ colored sand is is that its in no way natural, except for black and grey which is usally volcanic in origin. Also the white sand reflects the light back at corals, naturally evening out lighting.
  14. reef diver

    Check out my jaw in this pic

    Wow, the phosphoresence on those zoos is inSANE
  15. reef diver

    Reef Diver's Picture Log

    Lol, thats what hes doin, but that nassarius is tooooo big, its about the size of a large marble
  16. reef diver

    Reef Diver's Picture Log

    Those are feeder tentacles from an open brain...
  17. reef diver

    Reef Diver's Picture Log

    Ok, new pics Check out the split tentacle!
  18. reef diver

    highschooler's thread!!

    Bump Heres a recent pic of my 55, then of my mantis 12g NanoCube
  19. reef diver

    A Shot In The Dark

    I took these as a demonstration of a specific photography technique that appears to work extremely well in reef tanks. It was done by holding a narrow, bright beamed light source, such as a small car flashlight above the tank, less than a centimeter above the water. The the water diffused and...