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  1. arjayl

    I need a tank near chicago.

    Originally Posted by Hardpike Got some small tanks 10g, 20g, 29g, 55g .75 cents per gal. Do you still have your 55 gallon? I'm interested.
  2. arjayl

    WOW...I though I was seeing things!

    My guess by the size is years. Another guess is that if any corals were distressed, he would and could finish them off. I probably have thousands (if not mkore) of these guys in the much much smaller version. It just suprised me that I have never seen it before and I havent added anything in...
  3. arjayl

    WOW...I though I was seeing things!

    Torch Coral (11 heads), Astrangia, Blue, Red, Green, Elephant Ear Mushrooms, Green Star Polyps, Zoos (Brown, Orange), Yellow Polyps, Pumping Xenias (Silver Tip), Ricordia #100 Live rock 6" Sand/Crushed Coral substrate Clarki Clown (in the fuge...destroys too many corals by trying to bed with...
  4. arjayl

    WOW...I though I was seeing things!

    Gave it away already...Just seems a little too much for a 55 gal. You know the saying.."where theres smoke, thers fire" I'm sure there are some more big ones in there and I will post before giving away to my friend. I agree that they are harmless but with something that size, I could see it...
  5. arjayl

    WOW...I though I was seeing things!

    I woke up at 4:00 am to findthis monster moving along the sand. It looked like it was 16-24" completly steched out. I caught it and away it goes. It seems a bit too big for my tank! :scared: :scared: I measured it at 8.5" inches in the ziplock but it was hardly extended!
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    Astrangia Anyone?

    Entire colony...this is a 4 month ld photo...there are even more polyps on the rock.
  7. arjayl

    Astrangia Anyone?

    Bang Guy ID'd this for me a lomg time ago. The colony has completely consumed the rock it is attached too. I have had this coral for many years and it was a hitchhiker. The coral doesn't have any particular needs except keeping it away from other corals. Anyone interested in frags from this...
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    55 gal tanks and there inhabitants

    jpeg Format
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    55 gal tanks and there inhabitants

  10. arjayl

    55 gal tanks and there inhabitants

    Sorry for the delay...working off that Turkey! :D Check out this thread If you look at the picture of the tank, I had to remove the center brace, slide the sump and fuge in, then put the brace back in place. Of course I needed to support...
  11. arjayl

    Is this a good wet/dry & protein skimmer?

    I have the exact same model you are thinking of buying. It has worked great for me and the skimmer pulls alot of foam out. Is there better out there...Yes...Was it worth the money to me...Yes...Does it do its job...Yes...I bought the same model because I have a space issue. My tank is only a 55.
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    How many hours do you run your lights

    11:00 am to 10:00 pm...the tank gets some indirect natural sunlight before 11 but not much.
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    I run a Penguin 400 Biowheel and a 150 GAL PRO WET/DRY FILTER W/ SKIMMER on my 55 gal. I don't see why you would want to remove it? My vote would be for you to run both. JMO
  14. arjayl

    Hitchhiker Crab

    I tried the glass method...added a shrimp (cocktail shrimp) to a glass, leaned it against the live rock at a 45 degree angle. I caught some hermits! I tried to bait him and slip a net under him...too much rock work and not enough patience. I had to remove the LR that he burrowed...
  15. arjayl

    please show me some of your fish pics

    He's a killer of coral...will try to bed in just about anything!
  16. arjayl

    55 gal tanks and there inhabitants

    I just gave away my Tang because a 55 is too small. I made the mistake of trying to do a fish/reef tank...choose one or the other. Doesn't mean you can't have a reef tank without fish, just without fish like a tang JMO. I'm dropping some pictures of a DYI Fuge I built for my 55..and some pics
  17. arjayl

    Who has the longest running reef tank?

    4 - 5 years...cant remember...55 gal
  18. arjayl

    Adoption Anyone?

    I found someone with a 150...and he's picking him up today. Guess I picked a bad month to get rid of my yellow tang (SWF 1.99 each) LOL
  19. arjayl

    Adoption Anyone?

    Im in Lakewood Falls....Weber & 55