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    My First Clam>>

    Awesome Lookin Clam!
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    What is PAR?

    A parabolic aluminized reflector lamp also CRI is color rendition index
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    Back up power

    I have always used a PC battery back up...nice size one is about 150.00 I only plugged my filters in only...1 for every tank...Eheim 2217 would last about 5 hours on one. The good thing is ur filter is plugged into it always...when the power goes out it aoutomatcally switchs to battery.
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    Any recommend for frozen food?

    Formula 1 Formula 2 Frozen Mysis Shrimp
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    Coralife lunar series = coral growth

    I Think Ur Current Lighting Is Fine
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    Need help picking out a canister filter...

    Eheim IMO is the best canister filter you can buy. 2217 is perfect for a what are u stocking the tank with....of course a HOB protein skimmer will round out a good filter set up.
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    Just wondering..anyone here using was all the rage 10 yeras ago.
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    Are u.v. sterilizers worth it?

    A lot of people here talk about using one in QT/Hospital tank...thats not a good Idea...well as a Quarentine fine..but if medicating u MUST turn of UV...Copper will change to leathal heavy metal even at low doses It can also interfer with many be careful.
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    Stocking a 120 gallon FOWLR

    #1 Get a Naso & Yellow Tang (3 inch each)
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    need help deciding on uv lamp

    UV Will kill Ich...But like was said..only what passes thru the UV gets zapped...and that depends on your DWELL TIME. That means at say a flow rate of 400gph it will kill algae spores(free floating of course) but may do nothing for protozoa...u would have to slow the flow rate on the pump to say...
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    red slime algae

    Chemi Clean By Chemi Great!
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    Nano maintains itself

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    Emperor Angelfish

    Looks like Ich or Oodidium..also looks like a blockage in intestines maybe..feed more sponge/wet foods like Formula 1 or 2..lay off dry foods for a while.
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    Big Trouble Help Quick!!!

    That could be good...crack mite have been there so its not the stand..less worry about the new tank now.....Oh the old ..make a cynderblock stand....Oh yea!! 1 more tank in the garage!! Love it when things work out like THAT!
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    My 6 week old pups

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    i got robbed

    You have to get a RIDER on ur policy to cover after market or custom items...a shot in the dark but u can maybe go thru your home owners policy for that stuff
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    Big Trouble Help Quick!!!

    I would get a 6 foot level...check the sides for from the top to see if it level around..also take ur t for cutting sheetrock would be great..put it along the top edges to see if they are flat with no hills or dips. Just playin Devil's advocate here but....u say u bot tank used..are...
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    Big Trouble Help Quick!!!

    Thats what Im the tank off the stand now?
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    Big Trouble Help Quick!!!

    SO sorry for ur troubles... When u say u measured stand with a t square was that when the tank was Empty or still FILLED? And did the tank ever actually leak.