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  1. dmanatee

    How many tetras could go into one tank?

    I guess the question should be asked, what else is in your tank? And how much cleaning do you want to do. You could "technically" house 24 3 in tetras in there but that would be INSANE! and this is assuming that you have no gravel or decor and you had the filtration system of sea world. Why not...
  2. dmanatee

    Whats best freshwater algae eater?

    One of your best algae eaters is actually one of the smallest fish. Look up Otocinclus. They are tiny and you can have several in your tank. Unlike the Chinese algae eater that can get aggressive as they get larger, the Otocinclus is peaceful and a great community fish. Also for pleco's go for...
  3. dmanatee

    new green fuzzy mushroom. help is this normal

    they stretch out typically when they are absorbing light and they tend to seem "strechier" when they are getting ready to split.
  4. dmanatee

    Help with identifying

    are they green and fairly solid? I bet they are bubble algae.
  5. dmanatee

    clear jellyfish like ooze growing on my coralized starfish

    Ah OK. So by parameters we mean: ph, salinity,ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, temperature. "things that make up what in your water." You find these things out by testing your water with a water test kit (preferably lab grade), hydrometer/refractometer. I know one of our fabulous moderators or pro's...
  6. dmanatee

    clear jellyfish like ooze growing on my coralized starfish

    I think pictures will help us on this one. Also what do you mean by coralized starfish, was it a dead starfish skeleton, also what are the parameters in your tank right now?
  7. dmanatee

    tryin to make my tank a reef.. need help *long read*

    believe it or not, I think your tank is "too clean" for the nitrate and phosphate loving cheato. Also Xenia actually love their water a little "dirty" when the water quality is not absolutely pristine they flourish and when it is, they shrivel away. You might actual try a stony coral and find...
  8. dmanatee

    Damsel Eggs-Mystery

    Snails are hermaphrodites
  9. dmanatee

    Niger Trigger found dead this morning

    What size tank was he in and what were the other inhabitants. Did you recently add any new fish or creatures to your tank. What is the temperature of your tank, etc. We ask allot of questions so we can help you deduce what happened to your fish. Best wishes!
  10. dmanatee

    Does anyone know what this may be

    looks like some kind of polyp, but I could be wrong
  11. dmanatee

    Water Clarity and Anemone dying

    Going to guess here, but I bet you have a decaying starfish in your tank. You might also think of thinning out your stock list, or take the opportunity to upgrade your tank.
  12. dmanatee

    Lion Fish not eating (read other post regarding this issue) PLS HELP

    have, when you fed your lion silver sliders are you 100% sure they have been thawed all the way. I know from witnessed experiance that frozen food ingested can cause blockage. Also have you tried feeding any live food?
  13. dmanatee

    confussed in richmond

    can you tell us some more details about your set up? Size of tank, age of tank. Temperature of water, what type of fish you have tried, what have you been feeding. We need data. "Can't make bricks without clay."
  14. dmanatee


    is it a snail or crab?
  15. dmanatee

    Purple tipped anemone

    was it white when you bought it?
  16. dmanatee

    coralife 125gal skimmer pump replacement

    I love mine! In fact, I need to empty it again. Also you can get a replacement pump at places like Big Al's Pets, marine and reef, and a whole bunch of other places. Just google "coralife 125gal skimmer replacement pump" Good luck and let me know what you think. I have had to replace the...
  17. dmanatee

    coralife 125gal skimmer pump replacement

    hey I have the next size up of this skimmer. Are you wanting to replace the pump because its dead or not powerful enough?
  18. dmanatee

    Water change without getting a mouthful of salt water...

    Just go to your local pet store and get an aquarium siphon/gravel vac that states self siphoning. If you cant find one that's cool to, the regular ones work just fine! Put the one side of the tube in the bucket and place the other side "the siphon side" in the tank. Tip the siphon under the...
  19. dmanatee

    Feeding Corals Help

    you can buy them. Yup they come in a bottle! Not sure of the name of the product off the top of my head, but they can be purchased to seed an aquarium or fuge,
  20. dmanatee

    Fish dieing not sure why

    can you help us understand your tank more by posting actual water test numbers, and possibly pictures of the weird stuff on the rocks. Also what size of tank do you have and what type of fish did you/do you have. " need clay before we can make bricks."