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  1. john suh

    Seeding Coralline algae: Do I just scrape this off

    So was perusing my local Craigslist the other day for live rock and came upon an ad for a 24 gallon nano cube with stand, came with Heater, aftermarket marineland 17inch LED light and filter. All for FIFTY BUCKS< lol. When I contacted seller he said he had a slew of responses, no surprise. I...
  2. john suh

    i just went to a zoo they had real cool saltwater fish

    Dang, that woulda been my dream job.
  3. john suh

    Mucus bubble like sac around coral?

    It was fully open the other day. Woke up this morning and it's like some mucus bubble like sac around sections of it and it's become mostly closed.
  4. john suh

    Would Phytoplankton replace spot feeding my duncan coral or any other coral?

    I know many prefer uncooked seafood to hold the nutrients in but regardless, if your main purpose is to keep him occupied he'll still gobble it up...just give him a small piece, it'll last him for hours.
  5. john suh

    Would Phytoplankton replace spot feeding my duncan coral or any other coral?

    I did a google for Boxer shrimp and came up with Coral Banded shrimp pics? that another name for em? If so, have a CBS as well. Best advice is to spot feed him a piece of freeze dried krill that's been presoaked and squeezed in tank water. With the way they eat, that little piece of Krill...
  6. john suh

    Lexel sealant

    I just bought this for my Corals. Works great, bonds underwater. Only complaints I read is the product turns white.....which did not deter me from purchase as it only means the user put way too much for it to show, coralline algae will cover it up in time, add substrate or small rocks in...
  7. john suh

    Protein Skimming: What, Why and When

    On the subject of skimmers I was afraid my skimmet collection can was going to overflow within hours as my skimmer was going heywire and lots of excess was coming out. On a normal cycle I don't have to worry about it for weeks before I dump the residue out. This morning it was just...
  8. john suh

    Saltwater in Marineland Silhouette Glass 3 Gallon LED Aquarium?

    As the other poster mentioned, the lower the volume of water greater chance it's going to spike quickly so you'll need to be very careful on the portions of your feedings and religious with water changes. That said, you can go with a Firefish, I just bought mine and have him in a 30 gallon...
  9. john suh

    Hey there feeling confused by all the info

    Common clown fish are pretty popular and a pair will flourish in your 30 gallon. Kids also like Clown Fish as well as it reminds them of Nemo, lol so they'll pressure their parents to get one. There are many google links to clown fish breeding and you will not have great difficulty selling...
  10. john suh

    Think My Tank Is Too Small?

    When I had my last damsel in my tank, he took no crap from the Coral Banded shrimp and vice versa. Usually when his tankmates a clown fish or Royal Gramma get near the CBS and he flicks them away they swim off. The damsel comes back for more and sits there posturing, lol. He'll actuually...
  11. john suh

    Think My Tank Is Too Small?

    The blue body ones with yellow tail. My tank is a 30 long. Do a google search for "Damsel aggression" and enjoy the read. There are hobbyists with far larger tanks that have had similiar issue so good luck if you go that route and I hope all goes well, :D:D
  12. john suh

    Think My Tank Is Too Small?

    I'd stay away from Damsels completely but hey it's your tank. I started out with 4....and am down to 1. I don't mind a little friction now and then but when a particular species is on their tankmates 24/7 relentlessly to the point they are afraid to come out for food drops and hide in a...
  13. john suh

    Think My Tank Is Too Small?

    agree with trigger40. Also remember tank raised <insert random fish here> rarely get to the maximum size of their wild counterparts.
  14. john suh

    Coral Pack from the "Store" site

    After I complete their acclimation process. Do I just net em out or hand grab them and place them into the tank or just let gravity take over and let em slide out of the bag?
  15. john suh

    Percula Clownfish (What do you guys feed them?)

    Thanks for the tip!! Brine Shrimp was the key. They downed that like they hadn't eaten in days :D Makes me feel better they got food in them. Hopefully they'll ween off this stuff so I can mix their nutrients more.
  16. john suh

    Coral Pack from the "Store" site

    Nice, can't wait to see what surprises are in store for my package. Do you drip acclimate corals as you would live fish...?
  17. john suh

    Coral Pack from the "Store" site

    Thanks for the feedback guys and gals. Just placed the order! Due to arrive on the 9th. Will post followup in the "sales" section so that other potential buyers gets a little feedback from a recent customer.
  18. john suh

    Coral Pack from the "Store" site

    How fast was the free shipping? did you get it within a day or 2?
  19. john suh

    Coral Pack from the "Store" site Any customers order this? Free shipping. Did you think the quality was worth it for 60 bucks?
  20. john suh

    Percula Clownfish (What do you guys feed them?)

    They are youngins and from what I gather, they settled in as they are not shy, hang at the front of the tank, specially when I am watching em. Very active swimmers and they hang together, even sleep together.. That said want to get food in these little guys...and my efforts have been futile...