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  1. orby

    Permenantly removing an RO unit ?

    You don't need to remove the valve, just turn the valve off and unscrew the hose. If you still get a drip from it when the valve is closed Home D. sells the small screw on cap to permently close it off.
  2. orby

    Electrical Question???

    Here is what I have done for my tank, the main outlet runs on a 20amp at the main box. The power strips that i use and heavy extension cords only have a 15amp max rating. I was more worried about overloading the strips or extensions so I changed the outlet to a 15amp max GFI to make sure they...
  3. orby

    porcupine fish blue eyes

    while looking at my tank today and seeing the porcupines eyes staring back at me changing from that tinted blue to green in the lights, I wondered, What is the purpose of the colored tinting on their eyes? I ran a search online and found nothing. Does anybody know?
  4. orby

    2 Qns: Lifespan of Marine Fishes and Your Longest Living Marine Fish so far

    my oldest is my hippo Tang. 5 years. I raised it from the size of a nickel. I credit alot of that to a proper and varied diet.
  5. orby

    quick question, quick reply needed

    Wolf, I think I may have a possible solution to your problem. If your space heater is off at the same time each day and you can determine how far the temp drops in the tank during that time you could add another heater to the tank. Put it on a timer to compensate for the lack of heat during...
  6. orby

    1 more time

    Nice reef Lord!!
  7. orby

    What do you do?

    Last summer I went out and purchased a generator for my system after a big storm hit and I had no power for a day. It's a good thing I did because power wasn't back on for 4 days. I would agree that you just need to have some type of plan in place for power outages, a generator, power inverter...
  8. orby

    Floodproofing a sump?

    you can also place a water alarm near the area your not comfortable with and it will alert you to any water on the floor right away. They are available at HD and are under $20. It has saved me several times in the past.
  9. orby

    OMG!!!! Another clown question..

    I don't know alot about clown fish but this is a quote from one of my books and may explain the change in coloring. "Juvenile clowns are sexually immature and are hermaphrodites. In a group, the most dominant fish grows largest and becomes a female. The second most dominant fish grows a bit...
  10. orby

    empty tanks freezing?

    I had a 125 gal sitting in my garage for almost half the winter before I gave it to a good friend of mine. It never leaked or had any problems from the cold, and I did have the same concern you did. I would say It should be ok as long as no sun shines in creating a "Hot Spot" on one part of the...
  11. orby

    Feeding the Puffer

    I would not feed her imitation crab or anything else that is processed. It's loaded with preservatives and additives that are most likely bad, not to mention that the pollock that its made with is cooked. Stick with raw natural foods. Shrimp, squid, Krill, along with foods designed specificly...
  12. orby

    Clean used equipment?

    Also I would just like to add that if your hoses are stained and not flexible anymore just go to HD and buy some new. It doesn't cost that much and then you don't need to worry about getting them clean.
  13. orby

    Any ideas?

    I have had them before aswell and I always believed that they were the beginning form of aptasia anemones.
  14. orby

    caulerpa turning white

    I have had a large refugium holding alot of caulerpa that I have grown and trimmed back for the last year with no problems. Latley small sections will turn completely white and die off while the rest flurishes. I have recently upgraded to a RO/DI also for better water quality, and the phos and...
  15. orby

    Can I put a porky puffer with another one?

    I have had two together in the same tank for over a year now and other then the occasionally arguement over food there have been no problems. One is about 3in, the other about 6in.
  16. orby

    can anyone answer this?

    I have never seen bioluminescent fish available in stores either and I have only seen them at public aqauriums and on the discovery channel. Your search for one of these fish would be futal.
  17. orby

    If it was your choice

    Gpd = Gallons Per day Produced I would go with one that has a DI or dionizer on it in order to remove Phosphates.
  18. orby

    If it was your choice

    Tough choice, I guess it depends on how bad your tap water is right now. If you have a problem with Nitrates and Phosphates in your tap water I would say go with the Rodi, however if your water quality has been ok I'd say go with the lights. If you have higher levels of Trates and Phos's and...
  19. orby


    It might be playing, Make sure to look closely for Ick ( white spots ), Or any other external parisites to make sure thats not why she's doing that though. Some fish will stay by a power head when they have irriatants on them.
  20. orby

    Snowflake Moray, How big?

    I have had a snowflake eel for two years and have never had the top completely covered nor has he ever even tried to escape. Why is that?