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  1. nano reefer

    An honest question for Republicans/Obama bashers...

    was it not the clinton administration that wanted to give everybody loans so they could buy a home, even if they couldnt pay it?
  2. nano reefer

    Check out this Rainbow monti..

    looks so cool!
  3. nano reefer

    Oceanic vs. Instant Ocean Reef Crystals

    i use both. i found that when i use oceanic i have to dose trace elements less, and with instant ocean, i have to dose every day. i switch between the 2 all the time, and my tanks are fine.
  4. nano reefer

    Light duration

    it makes sense. with the lack of light, they are forced to eat. and with no light at all it will need more polyps to feed it, so it would grow itself more. i dont have SPS, but i sometimes turn my MH light off. i also play with the timers.
  5. nano reefer

    my new leather wont open, suggestions

    its prett high up, about 2/3 up the tank
  6. nano reefer

    Doberman Pinscher

    my puppy is a mini doberman and german shepperd mix, if that counts. she is a great and reliable dog. she is 10 months old an is very quit. the only time i have ever heard her bark is at kites at the beach :) they really piss her off. she tags a long, and at the beach i have no problem letting...
  7. nano reefer

    my new leather wont open, suggestions

    yeah, i can take a picture tomorow.
  8. nano reefer

    Finally my own duncan to look at....

    some are more neon, and thus cost more. i've seen powdery/baby blue ones as well.
  9. nano reefer

    starting SPS

    yeah, i have quite a few LPS. thanks.
  10. nano reefer

    my new leather wont open, suggestions

    i got home today, and there was a negative improvement when he was put to lower flow. he seemed to "melt" down a little, and was a darker brown color in certain spots compared, to a tan-yellow.
  11. nano reefer

    starting SPS

    can anyone link to an SPS guide? i'm looking to move over to hard corals, but i'm kinda lost. I nkow about trace elements and dosing, lighting, and flow. but is there anything else?
  12. nano reefer

    Some new pictures..

    omg, this is amazing.
  13. nano reefer

    New Digitata..ID PLZ>>

    looks superman. but it looks orange moer than red.
  14. nano reefer

    Need ideas for a logo

  15. nano reefer

    My eX The Pilot...

    in had a good chuckle.
  16. nano reefer

    So hard to save money.

    spend all yuor money, go 20k in debt on fish stuff, and Obama will pay for it, he'll fix everything. anyway, i know how you feel, my boss couldnt pay me for a cuople weeks when busniess got slow, and i just got a paycheck this wekk worth 3 paychecks, and i coukldnt help but go buy a coral :)
  17. nano reefer

    HR 669 **alert**

    what does niot having pets achieve? whats wrong with them, and what is the case that NHHR has against pets?
  18. nano reefer

    my new leather wont open, suggestions

    Originally Posted by goinbroke no idea. the reason i moved it up high is it would be about mid way down and stretch for the light. so i moved it up a few inches up twords the light. now it's always open. i'm thinking of fragging it. it's getting huge! not sure on how to do it though. dont want...
  19. nano reefer

    my new leather wont open, suggestions

    yeah, its a lobed leather coral, its available here on, is yours a rasta?
  20. nano reefer

    my new leather wont open, suggestions

    i havent moved it, ive kept it where it is, i'll move it to mid flow.