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  1. casper1875

    Ocellaris v. maroon clown

    I bought an 8" RBTA and the first night in my tank it split. It didn't look like my ocellaris would have anything to do with them. I've had the RBTA for about 3 weeks. Friday I came home from work and my ocellaris were hanging out in the RBTA. I have 3 ocellaris and it's awesome to see them...
  2. casper1875

    Skimmer Cup Fell Into Sump Help!!!!

    I can move the heaters. The powerheads are still on. I guess it's all over, but the clean up. Thanks so much for the help. I just kind of lost it there a bit.
  3. casper1875

    Skimmer Cup Fell Into Sump Help!!!!

    My tank is a 180. The sump is an Oceanic Model 3. What a mess. I had the qt set up, but nothing has been in it. I took the hob filter off the qt and started it in the sump. I took out about 15 gallons from the sump so far.
  4. casper1875

    Skimmer Cup Fell Into Sump Help!!!!

    Can I use the water from QT? I don't have any fresh water made.
  5. casper1875

    Skimmer Cup Fell Into Sump Help!!!!

    I went to clean my skimmer and when I took the cup off it fell into the sump. The water is green. I shut the return pump off. Cleaned the skimmer cup and when I started it bubbles every where. How do I clean this up? I don't want all the goop going into the tank.
  6. casper1875

    What's in a name?

    Casper is my umbrella cockatoo. 87- is the number my family usually puts on our race cars. It started in 1969.
  7. casper1875

    So what is the overall consensus on best power head?

    I have the MP40 and it's very quiet. I have 1 in my 180 with 2 Hydor Koralia #4's. I'm saving up for another MP40 and the battery back up. I love the VorTech, there are no wires in the tank, it takes up about 3" of space, has a feeding mode setting. You can put two in your tank and the master...
  8. casper1875

    Blue Hippo dried up on floor

    I use a glass canopy. I know most people don't like them. I wipe them down so that salt creep isn't an issue. I kept my 75 gallon covered with a hob skimmer and filter. Now my 180 is covered, but the sump and refugium are not.
  9. casper1875

    food for corals to help growth??

    Rod's food for reefs is a really good frozen food. You can google it to see if someone close to you sells it. Different corals require different food. Some need really good lighting, some marine snow, some require higher amounts of calcium. Check out this site and others to see what your new...
  10. casper1875

    This is me venting...sorry

    Originally Posted by reefkprZ can I get an "AMEN" !!!! You haven't been married that long!
  11. casper1875

    Changes in ""

    Alright, so I sign on this morning everything looks the same, then I sign on this afternoon and nothing looks the same. I need to take off the rest of the day so I can check it out!
  12. casper1875

    first water change with a sump

    I mix my saltwater a few days before I do my water change, and make sure my temp and salinity are the same as my DT. I shut off my return pump. I use a mag pump with a hose to siphon out of the DT into a 32 gallon trash can and take out 30 gallons of water. Then I take my mag pump and put it...
  13. casper1875

    My little Brother got a Scholarship Offer to West Point

    Wow. I loved the video. Checked out his web site and that was a great tv interview. Were you the brother that was giving him grief for playing soccer? Let us know where he goes. Maybe I can watch him play on a Saturday game.
  14. casper1875

    Reviews on Koralias

    Originally Posted by meowzer WOOHOO....A little too pricey for me...If I was gonna spend that much I would get one of these...I like that the motor is on the outside...BUT I don't think they are for big tanks Attachment 235012 They have these for nano tanks. I really like the VorTechs. The lfs...
  15. casper1875

    timer to turn off powerheads for half hour?

    The VorTech powerheads have a feeding mode and night time settings. You can get battery back up for them also. I have them on my wish list. No electrical lines in the aquarium either.
  16. casper1875

    ok, but

    The Rolling Stones released that song in 1966. I don't know who did the re-make.
  17. casper1875

    home depot is a dangerous place

    Originally Posted by SCSInet You're not a bum, are you daddy? No but I'm working on it. ~~~~ Wanna beer? It's seven o'clock in the morning! ............... Scotch? Not during working hours. Oh....uhhh... sorry pal. ~~~~ Would you kids mind keeping it down? Nikki's getting her blood...
  18. casper1875

    home depot is a dangerous place

    Originally Posted by SCSInet Yeah 220, 221, whatever it takes. Mr. Mom. Ahhh what a great movie.
  19. casper1875

    My 180 Slow Progress Report

    We moved everything last night. My fish look so lost. I'll need to work on the rocks later, the aquascape doesn't look so nice. I have to clean up the 75 and sale the protien skimmer, lights and tank. I'll feel better after I see all the fish eat. I'll try to post some pictures tonight.
  20. casper1875

    My 180 Slow Progress Report

    Yes, it's dry sand. I have a golden head sleeper goby that I'm worried about. If the sand isn't live, how will he survive? He's about 6 inches long and sifts the sand all day long.