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  1. supercichlid

    Still cant find a leopard shark out there.

    I'm not sure really.. And i didnt even know your name was that's a freaky co-incidence!:P
  2. supercichlid

    Still cant find a leopard shark out there.

    I always thought Spalsh was female!:eek:
  3. supercichlid

    looking 4 large salt water hermits

    Try to get some "Hairy Red Leg Hermits". Get about 10" long and are predatios. I had one with my dwarf fuzzy lion until it had an encounter with my brittle star, who simply tied itself to the hermit...
  4. supercichlid

    Update on new Harlequin shrimp(pics)

    Aaah..i forgot about the legs growing back - how long does it usually take for the legs to grow back?
  5. supercichlid

    Update on new Harlequin shrimp(pics)

    You said you are going to feed them a live starfish once a month - does this mean they only need feeding once a month? or do they eat other things? They are really good looking, congrats:D
  6. supercichlid

    Smallest Tank Size

    I think a Carpet Anemone would get too big for a 10g?
  7. supercichlid

    Triggers + Dwarf Lion

    I think the shrimps would be consumed by the dwarf fuzzy. As for the fish in your sig...i dont see a sig...
  8. supercichlid


    [hr] It will eat any and all fish etc. you put in. Their ink is a harmless smokescreen........not poisonous. [hr] You sure? I was told when an octopus 'squirts its ink' a large water change is needed. Or did you mean in the wild?:)
  9. supercichlid

    What Are Fish That Go With Lions

    Volitan Lion will outgrow a 75. I would look into one of the medium sized lions like Radiata, Antennata etc.
  10. supercichlid

    Mandarin Pair Pix

    Ah okay, thanks.
  11. supercichlid

    serpant stars

    Just though i'd add.. I just got a Green Brittle Star today, he is great! My dwarf lion pays no attention to him at all, though, that is it for fish in my "aggressive" tank atm..
  12. supercichlid

    Mandarin Pair Pix

    Bang Guy, a question or two for you if i may.. How often do these guys breed in aquariums? Because if it is quite readily, they shouldnt need to take too many from the wild right? And if they can be captive bred and raised, surely they could be weened onto other prepared foods rather than live...
  13. supercichlid

    Epaulette sharks

    I too would be intrested to see a full tank shot, and a shot of the rock ledge! And a few more of the rays. Good looking fish!
  14. supercichlid

    Live rock creature

    Do a search for "Bristle worm" .
  15. supercichlid

    Pics of my 55 gallon

    Great tank mike. Any pics of the trigger? Is that tank just a standard 4ft 55g?
  16. supercichlid

    How Much LS?

    33lb. Thanks!:D
  17. supercichlid

    How Much LS?

  18. supercichlid

    I added a lionfish to my reef....Also another cool fish, need a scientific name!

    I wasnt going to try to ID him, i just wanted to have a look!;)
  19. supercichlid

    I added a lionfish to my reef....Also another cool fish, need a scientific name!

    Im not sure how old this post is, but.. Any chance you can get those photos working again? or email them to me? is my email. Thanks! James:D
  20. supercichlid

    Pics of BTA?

    Keep em comin!