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  1. ibew41

    LED Full Spectrum Lighting......

    look for some gen 1 or 2 radions they will grow any coral from soft to sps
  2. ibew41

    is totm dead?

    hummm wasn't directed per say ,panties in a bunch ,sorry I wasn't raised to be more sensitive ,maybe raised wrong.coming from a guy that had a 3 yr tank build that I didn't think ever saw a of the reasons I did come back is because of that thread being a joke on another forum.If you...
  3. ibew41

    is totm dead?

    2quills try rereading your reply to my question and if you cant see something other than an insult.I post on 4 different sites this being the slowest also with the most kind of these comments
  4. ibew41

    is totm dead?

    Quote: Originally Posted by 2Quills It was always a random member that hasn't posted in years but owns a really expensive camera that would pop up out of the blue only when they had contests who actually won those things. .The more recent little photo contests that they have done seemed pretty...
  5. ibew41

    Phosphates in my change water!!!!

    are you drying the sample tubes? if any lint or dirt or spots are on the tube will cause a bad reading
  6. ibew41

    bad tank days.

    have you done any water tests?
  7. ibew41

    Help needed!

    Quote: Originally Posted by packrat05 me i'm picky, i want nothing in my water so i went with a ro/di from aqua. i enjoy it due to no longer lugging around 5gal jugs. the membrane for the di unit is costly though and needs to be changed out like every six months but a three stage ro unit should...
  8. ibew41

    is totm dead?

    been awhile since I have been back to this site is totm gone
  9. ibew41

    How is the Fourm???

    Quote: Originally Posted by SnakeBlitz33 Ive seen some pretty horrible advise coming from all different post counts, honestly. And i have seen some amazingly awesome advice coming from some low post counts. So i dint think post count has much to do with knowledge of the hobby. There are a...
  10. ibew41

    Why is my montipora bleaching?

    wow an almost 10 month thread in corals 2 weeks since he posted this site has really slowed down
  11. ibew41

    Anemone Split

    why is it splitting so much
  12. ibew41

    Thoughts on Anemones??

    have had a rbta in a reef for over 8 yrs only split 2 times basically stayed in the same spot for over 5 yrs.The only time it moved a little was when I changed to led
  13. ibew41

    LED Reef lighting

    look for 2 of the older radion lights I run them on my 120g and have sps from top to could buy new ,but I just changed to the new reflectors and have now problems
  14. ibew41

    Snake's 75g build thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by SnakeBlitz33 Ok, lets say I have $1000 to spend. What do you all think it should go to next? Pick a combination of the following: Apex Controller $500 Calcium reactor $500 Livestock $250 Canopy and side cabinet: $250 Nikon D80 SLR camera $400 Decent halide bulbs...
  15. ibew41

    Nitrate help needed. Please!

    have you had an lfs test your water you might have a bad kit,because the carpet anemone would be dead at those levels for too long.imo you also need more flow one power head in that size tank is not enough
  16. ibew41

    Anemone in reef?

    If you still have a 44g tank it will be hit or miss. I have one in a 120 g and it hasn't moved in yrs but there is always a chance
  17. ibew41

    30 Gallon SPS Reef Build

    nice just watch for bleaching when changing to leds
  18. ibew41

    Acro not doing well??

    looks more like a monti than a red planet need to know more about your lights 1w 3w 5w? how many and what colors .
  19. ibew41

    Very high Calcium Levels Hurting the Clam ?

    how do you dose your cal and alk?
  20. ibew41

    going back to calcium reactor

    my tank is mostly sps and tried a bubble magnus doser for about 1yr and finding the cost of chemicals higher than running the reactor even from the bulk stores