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  1. neoreef

    plumbing for multiple tanks

    Originally Posted by florida joe As I am always looking to learn, I have a few questions if you don’t mind. You state that if there are not snails there are no concerns. Are you saying that snails are the only things that will impact the valves? What is the purpose of a pressure relieve valve...
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    Clown babies/question

    yes, they are fine. Congrats!
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    My friend the clownfish breeder has a pair that have spawned in his tanks for 18 years. I've heard of 30 years as the lifespan of a captive clown.
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    Which Salt are you using?

    Some cities treat their water supply with ammonia to produce chloramines that are much more stable than chlorine. If so, your RO or RODI will not remove it. It is very low level, and for most people their live rock processes the ammonia with no problem. If you want to remove it before hand...
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    True or False Perc?

    I breed clownfish: Amphiprion ocellaris mostly. I've watched as a store owner poured a bucketful of my (acclimated) clownfish into a tank with a lot of anemones, as they all swam to the base of one. They were in it, hosted by it before you could say limony snicket. I know for a fact those...
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    plumbing for multiple tanks

    All your concerns are good ones, if these are going to be reef tanks. If you plan to raise fish in these tanks, then there are no snails and no concerns. Plumb your return through a central manifold, have a pressure relief valve T'd off the return before the manifold, going back to the sump...
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    Clownfish Death's

    If you are buying tank raised fish, you have a better chance. If the fish are exposed to wild caught fish, though, they can catch the same things that do in wild caught fish. Are you quarantining these fish? If so, you could treat, perhaps prophylactically, for parasites.
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    Black & White + Orange Clown

    Sorry PerfectDark, but ocellaris and percula are not the same, although they are both Amphiprion. But yes, they will breed. Any clownfish will breed with any other one.
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    show those clowns

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    Need opinion on what to do with 2 maroon clowns

    Try separating them by putting the little one in a breeders' net or make a tank divider that has holes big enough for the little one, but too small for the big one. They may take to one another after a while and the little one can stay protected while the big one is getting used to him.
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    Originally Posted by jrthomas40 the salinity in the gulf here around the mobile bay its about 27-30 ppm i dont know what that equates to in SG...and i think the real ocean is about 32 or maybe a tad higher You mean ppt, or parts per thousand. The salinity of the real ocean is around 35 ppt.
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    500 gal reef converted to 850gal reef

    what crash?
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    Show us your babies!

    Tell us more about that invention, please! I just remove the rock they lay the eggs on (on the night of the hatch) and use air bubbles to keep them moving and aerated.
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    awaiting birth

    In the past, when you used rotifers, how many survived? Did you enrich the rotifers before adding them to the larval tank? Having used rotifers in the past, I am wondering what would entice you to try it without. Feeding rotifers as a first food is remarkably easy, and the larvae take to them...
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    Show us your babies!

    Urethekau, you are pretty accurate on what to do for the hatching part, but I think what Bang was refering to is the fact that once you've got them, you have to feed them, and if you are not prepared, you won't save any. You need enriched rotifers, and they don't come easy. Wilkerson's book is...
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    Show us your babies!

    There's a great book to help you get started: Clownfishes by Joyce Wilkerson. sells it, I think. OK, so where is everyone else who breeds clowns? Where are your pix?:)
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    Some of my little bubs

    Thanks everyone. I feed my breeding pair a variety of foods. Mostly frozen Ocean Nutrition formula one, but also spirulina brine shrimp, cyclopeeze, mysis shrimp, and sometimes dried food. I think the trick to getting them to breed is to feed them A LOT. Feed them at least twice a day, and feed...
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    Some of my little bubs

    I am doing it every 11-14 days. Just the A. Ocellaris right now, as I already have a full time job and a family to raise. I feed the fish a pelleted diet designed for raising fish from a Japanese company: Otohime. I top dress the food with NatuRose to give the fish that lovely color. I keep...
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    Some of my little bubs

    They've grown a little since that picture: about 3/4 to 1 inch right now. Thanks everyone! :)
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    Show us your babies!

    These and about 1000 more. Not all from one nest. This nest was a big one, though, about 550 little swimmers. Thanks.