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  1. michelle1981

    FRAGS gone WILD!

    I've bought from RedSpot as well. Great frags. My green zoos have more than doubled in polyps in the last month and a half.
  2. michelle1981

    What is this???

    I know, I love my zoas, probably my favorites so far. But you know what I mean. These seem like I may actually have to work at keeping them not just dump in some phyto and make sure my lights are on.
  3. michelle1981

    What is this???

    feed them what? I have DT's I put in there, do I need to hand feed them as well?
  4. michelle1981

    What is this???

    Thanks so much everyone!!! I never would have figured out what it was!!
  5. michelle1981

    What is this???

    ok, cool. I have 2x175w mh 10k's on the tank and two koralias (2 and a 3). I'll break it off and glue it to a frag disk thing and place it in a high flow area. I never get cool hitchhikers. I'm stoked! There's a feather duster and three heads of blueish xenia I believe on it too!
  6. michelle1981

    What is this???

    Is that a good thing? Do i need to do anything special to it?
  7. michelle1981

    What is this???

    i cropped it so only the weird thing is in this pic.
  8. michelle1981

    What is this???

    Well, I just went to my LFS and picked up what I thought was a nice piece of candy cane coral. Pretty much my first "real" coral. All I have now are zoas and mushrooms. When I stuck the bag in to start floating I noticed some different corals on it too. One looks like some type of SPS but I'm...
  9. michelle1981

    new shots of my 55 reef

    ok, i have to ask. what type of filtration are you running? do you dose with anything special? i'm fixing to convert to a sump that's why i ask. i'm hoping it's the right thing to do. right now i have two bio-wheel filters but i've always had only fish so they were ok then.
  10. michelle1981

    new shots of my 55 reef

    that's gorgeous. everything in your tank is huge!!! i am very jealous.
  11. michelle1981

    new shots of my 55 reef

    Wow, I wish my 55 looked like that!!! How about a full tank shot. I would love to see your aquascaping.
  12. michelle1981

    aquarium life support systems sump

    Would this work on a 55g? Also, could you give me an idea of shipping to 31005? Thanks, Michelle
  13. michelle1981

    Powerheads On Or Off??

    I would shut them off IMO, otherwise the sand will just get blown all around.
  14. michelle1981

    40 Gallons of Goodness

    That is a beautiful tank. The colors in all of those corals are amazing. Such a variety. Looks great.
  15. michelle1981

    Ricordia frag time is near!

    Wow, those are gorgeous. I definately want some!
  16. michelle1981

    What happens when a fish gets old and dies?

    I don't really know how long fish live but I have two that are a little over 3 years old and another that is around 2 years old, so maybe the change in lights are affecting him.
  17. michelle1981

    Zoo or Anemone

    It looks like it could be some type of rock anemone IMO but not 100% sure.
  18. michelle1981

    im sorry to all that were offended by my inconsiderate remarks

    I have 2 175 watt mh lights on my tank with a glass lid, no problems at all. Mine is a 55 as well
  19. michelle1981

    im sorry to all that were offended by my inconsiderate remarks

    I actually just ordered that one too. I'm only a few pages in but I have heard many people say it is a great book. The other book I told you about is mainly for identifying fish. I actually take it with me to the lfs when i go.