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  1. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Fry in my sump!

    I found some clown fish fry in my sump when I got home from work tonight. They probably won’t survive, but it’s exciting because it’s s first for me. I’m going to the lfs tomorrow to see if they have a rotifer culture.
  2. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Can anyone identify this critter?

    Just adding this for context. The critter climbs out onto the coral skeleton at the bottom left of the picture. I'm mainly putting this picture up because the close ups make my tank look filthy!
  3. Sharkbait hoohaha

    FOWLR tank suggestions

    I'm assuming the number ranges you have listed represent recommended temperature ranges. I can't address the specific combinatiosn you have, but I can give you some general information. You can find information about recommended tank sizes for each species on the websites of reputable online...
  4. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Can anyone identify this critter?

    I saw this guy crawling around in my tank the other day. At first, I thought it was a stomatella snail, but it doesn't appear to have a shell. Does anyone know what it is?
  5. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Emerald Crab attacking my Duncan Coral

    This morning, I had to relocate one of my emerald crabs after I watched him climb on top of my Duncan and start picking aggressively at the Duncan's fleshy bits. The Duncan has been closed up for a few days, and I've been trying to identify the problem. It has been really happy since I first...
  6. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Sump selection

    This is how I want to set up the big (220) system I have in mind for my house. All of the maintenance equipment will be downstairs, on the floor below the main display, and easily accessed. My knees are not as forgiving as they once were, so getting it out from under the tank stand will be...
  7. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Something is eating my fan worm

    My fan worm is developing holes in its tube. I assumed that it was being caused by my hermit crabs picking at it, but today, I saw a tiny beetle-like thing crawling across it. It didn’t look like a snail. It moved like an insect, and it was about the size of the little plastic ball they put in...
  8. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Help acclimating flame angel

    That could be a parasite. If you’re worried about parasites, I would start by soaking the food in garlic extract and adding a vitamin supplement like Zoe. Keep in mind that there are as many opinions on using garlic as there are people keeping fish, but, from what I’ve read, it was first...
  9. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Help acclimating flame angel

    How big is your display tank? Dwarf angels can be pretty territorial and can get aggressive towards other dwarf angels. This is more pronounced if the tank is small. If you put them together, there is a risk that they will never get along. That being said, you can sometimes reduce aggressive...
  10. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Not sure what this is

    It looks like the fish has HLLE and the beginnings of pop-eye. Check out Administrator Beth's page on common fish ailments under the Fish Diseases and Treatments Forum. There is a lot of useful information on identification and treatment there.
  11. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Reviving zoanthids?

    So, after a couple of months, here they are in the main display tank. They seem to be happy! I'm planning on setting up a small reef tank, so I might end up moving the zoas to that.
  12. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Adding tankmates

    I agree. I just have to make sure that the powder brown doesn't bully it to death when I add it to the tank.
  13. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Adding tankmates

    The more I look at the potters, the more I like it. The clarion is pretty. Even if I could afford one, my tank is too small. I'm also reading that they are considered to be an endangered species on some watch lists due to their limited range, but it looks like people are having some success...
  14. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Adding tankmates

    I'd like to add some fish to my current 90 gallon FO (sort of) WLR setup, and I was hoping to get some input from the group as to what would be good to put in with my current stock. The current line up is: Diamond goby 2 clowns Powder brown tang. 1 Featherduster 1 zoa colony Snails: 2 turbos...
  15. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Converting lobster tanks

    Looks like its equipped with a chiller. Is there a way to bypass that for the reef setup?
  16. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Reef tank filtration

    Thanks, Beth. I hope all is well with you after the storm!
  17. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Reviving zoanthids?

    They seem to be happier now!
  18. Sharkbait hoohaha

    What fish is this?Its turning black.

    This looks like a blue fin damsel. They turn black as they mature.
  19. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Reef tank filtration

    I use CaribSea as well, but out of curiosity, what is the problem with crushed coral?
  20. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Reviving zoanthids?

    This is the morning after the first dip. Not much came off that I could see. A couple of copepods and some small detritus. There may have been other stuff in there that I didn't see. In any event, they look happier. I'm going to let them go for a week or so and then decide whether I will...