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  1. peonleon2

    help painting inside of canopy

    so im refinishing my tank and on the inside of the canopy there is white paint there. I am looking to repaint it white but want to know what to use. I need something that is great for water areas and will with hold the salt content. i know alot of you out there have used something. i was...
  2. peonleon2

    Parting out the 220

    id be interested in a single MH if price is right I live in the seattle area so you would need to shippp 98021 is the area code Send a pic to thanks Leon
  3. peonleon2

    Frags: zoos, xenia, star polyps....

    well i would be interested in the orange zoos let me know when you get a pic or send it to my email. also how much your thinking got anything else?
  4. peonleon2

    Frags: zoos, xenia, star polyps....

    pics? Where you located?
  5. peonleon2

    My brown polyp is walking and my emerald has coraline growing on him...

    you should take a pic of your crab with the polyp on his back for all to see. Sounds funny to me.
  6. peonleon2

    NFL PLAYOFFS: Go Ravens!!!

    I have faith in the seahawks playing away in chicago :cheer: :cheer: GO HAWKS :cheer: :cheer:
  7. peonleon2

    help fraging a polyp

    When you say thy have a highly dangerous palytoxin in them is it dangerous to the tank if it is let out of it?
  8. peonleon2

    help fraging a polyp

    I hav a green button polyp and want to try and frag it and give it to m dad. I have like 15 of them all attached to a rock. I want o try and pull one off and give it to my dad. What is the best way to get it off the rock? Do i cut it at the base and glue it onto another small rock? do i put a...
  9. peonleon2

    Xenia in Seattle

    do you have anything else to sell other than xenia? just a thought i live in bothell. Where is the fish gallery? i only know of the ones like blue sierra, dennys, saltwatercity. Know of any other good places to go. leon
  10. peonleon2

    Thermos trade?

    would you just sell frags? i have nothing to trade, sorry Would need to shipp i live in seattle.
  11. peonleon2

    GBTA for Ricordias

    what lighting are they under during the day? MH?
  12. peonleon2

    any reefers in washington?

    Seattle people should list what they have to frag out cause people are interested. so please list what you have for sale. leon c Bothell
  13. peonleon2

    any reefers in washington?

    you could also looking in spokane or other parts of the state. If you want to travel with it. If you got the cash order one, expensive i know. or just wait and see what comes up glad to see others so close I live in bothell really close to 405.
  14. peonleon2

    F/S bag of chaeto macro algae

    yes i would like to reserve a bag and will pay in advance too if you like
  15. peonleon2


    got anymore? let me know
  16. peonleon2

    F/S bag of chaeto macro algae

    anymore? i need some too
  17. peonleon2

    i book help

    i bought a i book used and the guy i bought it from cleared the whole thing which is fine but i need to install things on it and i need a user code. I cant get a hold of the guy i think he moved. Is there anyone out there who can help me out?
  18. peonleon2

    help with home made refugium

    i saw it in a magazine next to all the refugiums. looks like i will be using sand.
  19. peonleon2

    help with home made refugium

    i looked in other places and they use a refugium fudge, what do you think about that? i think ill have it ready to go in a day or so. I have sand that i can use and small bits of live rock that i have. Just need to know if sand vs fudge is better thanks
  20. peonleon2

    help with home made refugium

    So i looked around and finally thought to make a smaller version of what i see all around. I have a 45 gallon tank and have made a small 3 chamber refugium but have not really any clue in what i should put into the thing. Any help i can get would be great. I have small bits of live rock that i...