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  1. a&m '96

    Berlin method?

    I've been in this hobby for about nine months with aggressive tank, and now (of course) I'd like to keep another tank. We'd like to do a community FOWLR in a 40-50 gallon setup. I was wondering if any of you knew what the tank size/bioload limit is for running this on the berlin method. I...
  2. a&m '96

    Feeding a grouper?

    I had a quick question on getting a 4 inch panther grouper to eat frozen foods. I just got him last weekend, so he's in a 10 gallon QT for another week. Anyway, he is pretty indifferent to frozen silversides (he'll eat one occasioanlly), and spits frozen krill out. However, he'll take live...
  3. a&m '96

    What's a proper water change schedule?

    I was wondering what kind of water change schedule you follow. Currently, I have a 65 gallon aggressive tank (puffer, trigger, grouper w/35 lbs live rock), and I'm changing 5 (7%) gallons a week. This seems like overkill on the changes, so I wondered what you thought. All parameters are fine...
  4. a&m '96

    Foxface help

    He's been in there since Saturday afternoon. The q-tank is only 10 gallons, which is all I have room for- spousal restriction ;) He's only about 3" long, so I didn't figure on too big of a problem for a 2 week stay. Anyway, he can hide completely in the PVC. BTW- I'm feeding some mysis and...
  5. a&m '96

    Foxface help

    I have a new foxface in my quarantine tank with about another week and a half to go, and I had a question. The fish has tendency to become mottled brown for most of the day, as opposed to the brilliant yellow he was in the store. I think this is a sign of stress (like in tangs). I understand...
  6. a&m '96

    Eel Question

    Thanks for the warning :)
  7. a&m '96

    Eel Question

    I have a 65 gallon FOWLR with a huma and porky puffer. I am looking for one more fish, and I'm considering a small moray (snowflake?). Anyway, I keep hearing about eels escaping. My tank is very secure, but I do have the obligatory gap around the skimmer intake/outflow. Should I really worry...
  8. a&m '96


    I'm an entomologist with an agricultural chemical company (we make some of the chemicals used for pest/termite control), and you're on the right track. There is a class of insecticides called synthetic pyrethroids that is EXTREMELY toxic to fish. If you could, try and find out what product...
  9. a&m '96

    Nitrites in hospital tank- suggestions? (Terry?)

    I had to set up a hospital tank in a hurry (I know, I know) because of an ich problem. I've got my huma and porky puffer in a 10 gallon for three weeks, and I'm treating with copper. Since I had to do it so quickly, I couldn't cycle it properly. I used water from my main tank to set it up, as...
  10. a&m '96

    Hospital tank help...

    I am somewhat of a novice saltwater fishkeeper, and I'd like some infomation on setting up a hospital tank. My porky puffer is just getting over a case of ick that I treated with formalin in my main tank. I'm not sure how he got it with a UV going, especially since his Red Sea Sailfin tang...
  11. a&m '96

    Nigger Trigger...

    As far as I know, any trigger will tear into your inverts, possibly including the corals. It's probably not a good idea unless you change to a fish-only. (By the way, I think it's spelled "niger" with one 'r'. It may get you in trouble if you keep spelling it with two...) Good luck.
  12. a&m '96

    Just got my first aggressive fish- any ideas on roomates?

    I recently finished cycling my first marine setup- a 65 FOWLR. Being a saltwater novice, I chose to go with aggressives for now (ease of maintainence, etc), but I may change to community fish once I get some experience. Anyway, I purchased a small (1.5") huma trigger this weekend, and all is...
  13. a&m '96

    Rectangular trigger?

    I was curious if any of you have any experience with rectangular triggers. I could only house a small one in my tank, but a friend has a 200 gallon and would take it if it gets too large. How are they on temperament, feeding, etc? Thanks!!!
  14. a&m '96

    65 gallon aggressive- should I bother?

    I've got a 65 gallon w/an Eheim cannister, prizm skimmer, a power head, crushed coral substrate, and a UV. This is my first marine tank, and it's just finishing up cycling. I was planning on doing aggressives at first (ease of keeping for a beginner, etc), but from what I've heard here, it...
  15. a&m '96

    Help deciding on first fish after cycle

    Sorry- there's no actual list, per say. I'm just trying to decide between aggressive and community. Thanks!!
  16. a&m '96

    Help deciding on first fish after cycle

    I should have described the tank better- sorry. The tank does have substrate, about 40 lbs of crushed coral. I've got a red sea skimmer, Eheim Pro II cannister, and one powerhead. For decor, I've got several coral skeletons. I've been told several times that LR is not absolutely necessary...
  17. a&m '96

    Help deciding on first fish after cycle

    There is no live rock (takes up too much room for a fish-only 65) or live sand in this setup- just coral skeletons.
  18. a&m '96

    Help deciding on first fish after cycle

    I've got my first tank (65 FO w/cannister and skimmer) just now finishing up the cycle w/2 damsels. I'm having trouble deciding on what to put in. I really like triggers, but may I avoid getting one because of what I've heard here. I've got some confidence in my ability to keep the water...
  19. a&m '96

    Diatoms in cycling tank- any advice?

    I've got a 65 gallon tank that's about 3 weeks into its cycle w/ 2 damsels. Ammonia is gone, and nitrites are sky-high. I'm planning on checking again in two weeks to see if it's finished. Anyway, I haven't been doing any water changes or running the skimmer yet- just an Eheim cannister and a...
  20. a&m '96

    Question on noisey Red Sea prizm...

    I just put a new prizm on my 65 gallon, and have found it exceedingly loud. I wasn't very happy about this, because my Eheim cannister is absolutely silent, and I enjoyed the noise-free operation. Anyway, I know I really need to have a skimmer (so I'm told), so I called red sea and had them...