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  1. seasalt101

    tobin/seasalts recovery

    i will continue to fight for as long as it takes though this fight has taken a lot out of me i still have a lotleft if needed, though this has been tough no joke about that, you guys are great and we appreciate you all more than you know, i can't say enough good about you all, me and jenny love...
  2. seasalt101

    tobin/seasalts recovery

    hey everyone, thanks for all your support while i've been down for jenny and me god reading through these post teared me up, this is the first time in a while reading a post and this got to me, yes i am lucky to have jenny by my side, she is a wonderful girl god has blessed me with her this i...
  3. seasalt101

    ok real quick

    hey i am, i'm still alive, you will reseive more notes as i recover see ya all soon, tobin
  4. seasalt101

    How did you poddy train your kids?

    at 30 min. 45 min. and an hour after having a drink have your wife take her to the potty it helps if she can o at the same time and use mom for inspiration, don't let her walk around aand drink at will , if you have her fluids on a schedule it makes it alot easier my daughters inspiration was...
  5. seasalt101

    halloween --- ALMOST HERE!!!

    this year if tobin feels up to it he and i will be attending a halloween party thrown by our friend and lfs guy ' aka buddy the fish guy' at the store should be fun
  6. seasalt101

    I need a simile

    gary busey's teeth
  7. seasalt101

    Please report bad post, spam, bad attitudes, and links to competitors here!!!

  8. seasalt101

    yeah i got a car

    Originally Posted by Jovial Good car. What happened to the mustang though? val hasn't sent it yet i think she may have had second thoughts about it since it was her dads mustang not sure yet...tobin
  9. seasalt101

    a weird request (i know some of you are weirdos)

    i need to find some pics somehow, and yes his head is huge...tobin
  10. seasalt101

    a weird request (i know some of you are weirdos)

    and another one of john basedow, the fitness made simple guy, and the scary thing is i'm sober no meds no booze i figure these could possibly make some hillariuos posters because everyone's seen these guys so let's make them entertaining, who knows they could be top sellers in tiime...tobin
  11. seasalt101

    a weird request (i know some of you are weirdos)

    no offense to anyone, i kinda have a twisted sense of humor at times, and this is one of those times, have any of you seen the infomercial with the colon cleansing guy (the dude looks like a happy days john boy) i want to aquire a picture of him hopefully a selection so i can pick the perfect...
  12. seasalt101

    yeah i got a car

    well as many of you know i've been trying to figure out how to swing a second more reliable car, yesterday after i got out of the hospital, when the mail came my back pay social security check showed up out of the blue, not a lot but enough to put a down payment on a car so i got a red toyota...
  13. seasalt101

    Marion Jones/ Steroids

    Originally Posted by ifirefight -- Track star Marion Jones pleaded guilty Friday to lying to a federal investigator about taking banned substances..... Just wondered what people think of this...or are you all like me and NOT suprised at all. Seems all the best athletes these days are...
  14. seasalt101

    Tobin you okay out there?

    Originally Posted by GrouperGenius TOBINNNNNN Awsome to see your silly dancin' chicken..... Just to set it straight. Romo sux and the Lions are going....nowhere. Jus' playin'. Romo is looking like the real deal. But my TB Bucs will be ruling the NFC this year. Great to see...
  15. seasalt101

    need some advice

    Originally Posted by saltn00b darth , unfortunately discharging a firearm in the open is illegal and dangerous so its not an option. jovial - that may be the case, but the fact is my tree is small and in no way can accumulate enough fronds over a month period to make a pile this big. he had to...
  16. seasalt101

    Regional Foods & Restaurants

    Originally Posted by Darknes Back in Nebraska we had Valentino's and Runza. I didn't think Fazoli's was regional, but haven't heard anyone else mention it. they have fazzoli's here in tx...tobin
  17. seasalt101

    Tobin you okay out there?

    yeah just finally got my back pay from social security only 10 months later than the 1st part...tobin
  18. seasalt101

    Tobin you okay out there?

    Originally Posted by crimzy Nope... they've beaten 3 crappy teams and got crushed by the only real team they faced. 6 wins... 7 tops. But their offense is for real. Mike Martz is no joke. But your cowboys look pretty impressive. yeah romo could make a lot of things happen he's a lot more...
  19. seasalt101

    Tobin you okay out there?

    Originally Posted by crimzy Good to see you back Tobin. thanks good to be back, lions for real this year?...tobin