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  1. calaxa

    captive bred bangagi help

    They can be extremely picky sometimes. My female will eat whatever I feed but the male sometimes outright refuse even live food, even when he is not holding eggs. He can hunger strike for weeks at a time but eventually will come around on the addition of live blackworms. It sounds like he is...
  2. calaxa

    Peppermint Shrimp & Feather Dusters

    Prior to adding 2 peppermint shrimp to my system, I had easily over 100 dusters. That number is slowly dwindling. These are the only additions in the last 2 months so I am positive it is them. I never see them come out to feed (and I feed quite often). They have not touched the one aiptasia...
  3. calaxa

    Culturing Phytoplankton

    micro algae grow is the fertilizer (phytoplankton food) needed for the phyto to grow. Rotifers need to feed off the phyto. In theory, you could do this in your fuge, but as this feeds into your display, it will be hard to guage the population and the correct feeding regimen. The way gsellers...
  4. calaxa

    Two Angelfish?

    Pool Boy, Your case is slightly different. You had a blueface and a flame which are of different genus (one's a true angel, other is dwarf) and will usually be fine. Adding the other true angel was almost guaranteed fighting in that size tank. I think a true angel in a 90 is too small. I'm...
  5. calaxa

    Two Angelfish?

    That might be enough but you are taking your chances. Choosing different sizes will help. That way, one will run instead both fighting till death. Keep in mind, you will always risk coming home to find a dead angel and a severely injured one. The dominant one pretty much claims the whole...
  6. calaxa

    Just ordered this beauty

    I thought this thing was that nice bright red. The picture you took after it opened looks quite orange to me. Still a nice coral.
  7. calaxa

    ID Please

    You can touch it. The shell should be hard and very flat. Looks like stomatella to me too from the picture.
  8. calaxa

    Please tell me NOT Aptasia

    Can you get to the rock? If you can take the rock out you can kill it various ways (kalk, lemon juice, joe's juice, aipstasia-x, etc.) If you have to do it in tank, the same products will work but you will have to use syringe and feed it. Aipstasia-X (made by red sea) comes with a straight...
  9. calaxa

    How To Remove Pulsing Xenia?

    Originally Posted by GeriDoc Last year I traded three small frags of xenia for a fish worth about 20$. The next day I happened bo be back in the same lfs,and there were my xenia (which were a weed in my tank) all alone in a display tank with a sign that said "RARE BLUE PULSING XENIA...
  10. calaxa

    ok... I didn't set up a qt

    First, go get yourself a sponge filter and put into your DT or sump. Get your 28 setup with salt, heater, powerhead. Decide whether you want to treat with hypo or copper. If you are doing hypo, fill tank only halfway and dilute (over a 36-48 hour period) after moving the butterfly. Move...
  11. calaxa

    My center brace broke on my 55 gal!

    More than likely it will hold up but for peace of mind, I would try to reinforce the brace or look into replacing the tank.
  12. calaxa

    for a fish only tank live rock or fake corals

    Live Rock looks a lot better than fake corals. Initially live rock can be drab, but you will appreciate the coralline once it starts growing. Remember, LR is also your natural filter. Fish will always want/need some hiding spaces. It will definitely get stressed if you provide no cover.
  13. calaxa

    Two Angelfish?

    It is possible. You will have to introduce both at the same time or very close to it. You will also need to have lots of hiding spots (lots of LR). Try to get two that are of different sizes. I keep a Coral Beauty and a Flame Angel together in a 90G. I have about 200 lbs. of LR. The CB...
  14. calaxa

    Banggai Pairing?

    I bought 4 banggai about 2 weeks ago. They're in hypo right now, 3 of them eating "some" frozen brine (well at least they don't spit it out). Other one will only take live blackworms. This one is the largest one and he has bullied 2 of them into the corners and into the rocks (this is in a...
  15. calaxa

    Here's A Good One For You...

    Just curious what type of filtration she suggested if not LR. Were her 4 tanks at "home" all SW? Maybe she gets comission on selling canister filters.
  16. calaxa

    Fish food question.

    It sounds like you are feeding fine and that this yellow tang just decided he doesn't like the flake anymore. It happens sometimes. Observe him a little more and see if he's getting enough just grazing off your rock. It sounds like he's just holding out for the good stuff. My yellow tang...
  17. calaxa

    Yellow Tang, help feeding..

    Algae needs to be available all the time for this tang. He's definitely more of a grazer than the hippo is. Hippo is basically a pig and when you got one eating well, they eat just about everything (at least mine does). If you are really worried, there is a seaweed that no tang I have seen...
  18. calaxa

    Xena coral problem

    How often are you making water changes? It sounds like there's a defiency of some trace element (iodine or strontium as snake suggested). I'm not in agreement with the new tank statement. Probably a good correlation between these trace elements and newer tanks but if you keep up with water...
  19. calaxa

    Fish food question.

    Certain fish will be more finicky. What other fish do you have in the tank? When you fed the omega one, did you try mixing it with your spectramax so that the fish would acclimate to it? It's best to feed them a varied diet. Live would be the best, but of course that is not always possible...
  20. calaxa

    ready to buy bangaii cardinal!!

    I bought what I thought were aquacultured. They were definitely not. Still not eating anything but live blackworms. Cyclopeeze was a no go. Aquacultured will usually be smaller, more expensive, but much hardier and will probably take prepared foods easier. Wild caught will usually be larger...