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  1. mkzimms

    Freshwater to saltwater

    Use white vinegar in a spray bottle, let it soak on real grimy areas. You could soak the whole tank if you want, but for 100G, that's a lot of waste vinegar and water to deal with. It will cut through salt deposits and does a pretty good job on dried algae and coraline with some light...
  2. mkzimms

    circulation pump question

    Is this a circulation pump for filtration or a powerhead for creating in tank folw? What kind of corals? 800GPH is towards the too much end of the spectrum for internal flow in a tank that size. The general rule of thumb for in-tank flow is 20-40x tank volume. If this is for flow inside the...
  3. mkzimms

    Reef safe epoxy recommendations?

    I am working on a drop-in upflow algae scrubber for my 28G nano cube. I will need to seal some parts for submersion (magnets and possibly an LED) and have been ending up with a mixed bag of answers about what brand epoxy is reef safe. I would need it to be liquid at the time of application (no...
  4. mkzimms

    Questions before I start SPS/LPS

    For that size tank 175W isn't very much light. Keep your SPS as high in the tank as possible. LPS shouuld be kept mid-water and your mushrooms/zoas can be placed anywhere. SPS require a great deal of attention to water quality and composition. You could start off with some montipora which is...
  5. mkzimms

    Do Firefish burrow?

    firefish do not burrow, however, they are known to be very skiddish and spend a lot of time hiding in the rockwork.
  6. mkzimms

    Live Sand

    you could do it, i don't foresee any issues with just adding some sand. have you considered removing all the crushed coral and replacing it with sand? crushed coral as a substrate is not great because it is a detritus trap. Poop, food, dead stuff, and all around organic matter will all get...
  7. mkzimms

    help moving a mushroom

    Your best bet is to chop the head off and grow two. Mush are very hardy and it shouldn't have any problems surviving that. Try to cut as close to the base as possible. As for them closing up at night, that is normal.
  8. mkzimms

    My In Wall Reef

    you should get a nice set of shades and mount them infront of the tank so you can draw the blinds when you want it to be dark in the room. i always wanted to do a two sided tank with the front as my headboard and the back facing the shower on the other side of the wall.
  9. mkzimms

    ID New Coral

    its never said enough... do research before purchasing tank inhabitants. Your sun coral needs special care that you may not be able/willing to provide. it will require hand feeding usually twice a day. mysis shrimp or other small chopped meaty foods soaked in a vitamin supplement like selcon.
  10. mkzimms

    SPS Success With Just T5s

    im running 8x39w (total 312w) T5HO...
  11. mkzimms

    Tank Pics - nikon D80

    Originally Posted by jackri Can't wait till I get home to view these (can't see them at work). Is it a macro lens your using? I have the Nikon D40 -- love it.. and been thinking about getting the macro lens (like 700 bucks) to go with the other 2 lenses we have. No macro, either a nikkor 50mm...
  12. mkzimms

    Tank Pics - nikon D80

    Originally Posted by kaingers Very nice pics. Is your lighting retrofitted? What is your bulb configuration? I love the color, great looking tank! Thank you! The lighting is not retro, im running two nova extremes. Bulb setup is Back: 10k Daylight ATI True Actinic ATI Pro-Color ATI Aquablue...
  13. mkzimms

    Tank Pics - nikon D80

    I have many more to come as soon as i get them uploaded. I figured id let these simmer for a bit to get some comments.
  14. mkzimms

    Tank Pics - nikon D80

  15. mkzimms

    Tank Pics - nikon D80

    My father finally let me get my hands on his camera and tripod. I spent some time this weekend taking pictures. I normally use a sony DSC-W80 on macro holding the camera with fairly good results so I was very excited about using some "real" equipment. These are taken with a nikon D80 DSLR...
  16. mkzimms

    The Ugliest Vehicle in Existence...

    my vote is for the suzuki X-90, its gross.
  17. mkzimms

    what is ozone equipment?

    Originally Posted by SCSInet Yep. There are many stories about this type of thing happening. The difference is in how the ozone system is set up. IMO more ozone setups are designed wrong than right. Lots of folks crank their ozone rate to the max then depend on the ORP controller to turn it...
  18. mkzimms

    what is ozone equipment?

    i remember a article a few months back where an aquarium's orp controller went on the fritz over night and killed a whole tank of their sharks.
  19. mkzimms

    Montipora Capricornis

    probably either green or orange.
  20. mkzimms

    Build A Supergroup

    Originally Posted by ruaround i would only change rhythm to Izzy Stradlin... i know its a rock sacrilege, but i was never a huge fan of GNR.