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    Chaeto Question

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    Cheato not growing?

    Originally Posted by Pumper You stated " i put a ziplock bag stuffed full of cheato in my sump." Did you take it out of the ziplock bag?
  3. rkesling

    Cheato not growing?

    I run mine 24/7 on my Nano and about 12-14 a day on my other tank and I find that the Chaeto in the Nano grows a ton faster with the 24/7 schedule. just my trial findings...water parameters also play a HUGE role in growth and my NANO has far better water quality LOL
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    Cheato not growing?

    Originally Posted by vince-1961 I'm glad I found this thread. My cheato is not growing either. It's exactly the same size it was 6 or 7 weeks ago. Photos below. The light is a Coralife T5 at 10k, approved for this particular use by LFS. Stays on 24/7. Are ya'll saying just an ordinary...
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    Over flow boxes for sale

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    CPR overflows for sale

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    WTB Hang on the back refugium

    Originally Posted by MustangCaleb hey bud, u may want to use a different link bc when i click that one i can edit and delete the post I 2nd this!!! change your link!!!
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    Hair algae

    I added a HOB fuge with Chaeto...(used a Aqualcear filter and a home depot clip on light) and have not had any algae problems for a few months now!!!
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    Should I throw these away? :)

    where are you located?
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    Curing live rock question

    no opinions on this????
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    Curing live rock question

    I have a tank of rock that is starting to cure. Will adding a HOB refuge filled with Chaeto help the process at all? Most of my tanks are old and I never used anything but a heater, skimmer, and power heads to cure.
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    My 29 gallon mixed reef

    tank looks great!!!
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    FS: 15G Nano Setup - VA

    can't find pics
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    FS: 15G Nano Setup - VA

    where in VA? any pics of the set up? what kind of filter?
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    Originally Posted by fishylisa I'm down in Southern Md just outside you know where that is? All I know is that is too far for me to drive...just ordered rock from DR Mac thanks
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    Where In Md Are You?
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    WTB: HOB skimmer

    Originally Posted by frog/lionman Hey check out "THEAPPE3" he/she is selling a RedSea Protein Skimmer HOB, check their post on this site in the classifieds. Very reasonably priced. Hope this helps both of you. thanks...that is way too much for that skimmer! Brand new they are $90 with a...
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    Selling very rare hawiian fish from my collection

    Beautiful fish...I am sending the paypal now for $800 before someone else snatches them up!!! Yeah...I'm joking!!! Nice fish though