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  1. Panicking Clownfish

    Clownfish Nemo fat

    Nemo fat. I live with 2 other clownfish. One Nemo other Moo Moo. My name Clownfish. Nemo swimming funny. Being wiggly and in line. Nemo is staying close to top but Nemo always been like that. Not sure if Nemo ok. We all usually would leave Nemo alone. Nemo not any less active. Staying at top...
  2. Panicking Clownfish

    Fish friend ok?

    Can not tell. Fish kinda bully but fish usually at the front of tank more. White thing. Fish name Shiny. Shiny look like other white spots forming. Should get meat creatures attention?
  3. Panicking Clownfish

    Clownfish ok?

    Big meat creatures got another nemone after my and moo's randomly turned to white stuff and die. New Nem told that in other tank, blank white stripe clown had eyes buldging out on sides of head. Nem said it like marbles glued to side of head. Nem also say that clown stressed and came with other...
  4. Panicking Clownfish

    Sea urchin

    Haven't seen but will if
  5. Panicking Clownfish

    Sea urchin

    Black bug shirmp thing came out of urchin when accidently broke it. Think urchin been dead for awhile. But what was thing. It small and black and it have legs.
  6. Panicking Clownfish

    Anemone stressed

    I have been enformed other clownfish is called Moo Moo. Moo Moo bigger then Anemone.
  7. Panicking Clownfish

    Anemone stressed

    Human bought new clownfish. Scared of other fish but getting better. New fish was just scary. We on better terms now. My name is Clownfish. I have Anemone named Anemone. New fish seems intrested in Anemone. Don't like. Anemone seem to try and close at new fish touch. Is anemone stressed of new...