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  1. glibgoat

    Difference between PC's and T-5's?

    I think the tal term is "Lumens" or something like that. The difference is the brightness of the bulb that in turn creates more light in your water, more food for your corals... and so on.
  2. glibgoat

    LFS - Whats Most Important?

    Selection and health of the selection. I seldom trust a LFS employee, they are out to make money mostly (not all). Tanks must be well kept but if the selection is large, I'd overlook some spot algae.
  3. glibgoat

    what would this be worth

    The only one who would buy something like that would be a LFS because they could keep it in a display tank. If you want to make cash on it, you have to frag it. As is, you could get 60 for it. If you fragged it, maybe 6 twenty dollar frags.
  4. glibgoat

    Can you have to much LR?

    Sounds like a lot. Your filtration will likely be very good because of all the LR. My concern would be the weight on your tank. Can the glass bottom hold that much weight? IDK.
  5. glibgoat

    ASM skimmer question.

    Took her back to the store today (3 hours roundtrip). Turns out the mini model often burns out. The pumps malfunction. We cnecked the skimmer and the pump was running crazy hot. THey refunded me...such is life. Anyone who wants to buy the ASM mini... don't.
  6. glibgoat

    ASM skimmer question.

    Hey X, thanks for the reply. I bought stuff from you a few months back on the DVRC site. Thanks for your help here. Thanks for the reply bio. I unplugged it and rechecked the connections. I then set the arm very low. It had massive amounts of bubbles for about 2 hours. Now it's bubbling but...
  7. glibgoat

    ASM skimmer question.

    Got the ASM mini. It's been running for 2 days now. It's not producing any skimmate. I adjusted the arm various different ways but no production. My previous skimmer made a great deal of bubbles, but this one only makes very tiny bubbles. I can see through the skimmer (looks like normal water)...
  8. glibgoat

    FS: 120 Gallon Reef Tank NJ

    What's the status, I'm interested... simmons1017 at gmail
  9. glibgoat

    Bad red hair algae problem

    We have a local club that might be able to help you with this question. Check out
  10. glibgoat

    consolidation/breakdown in paoli, pa. (19301)

    I've done buisness with Mr. X in the past. I actually have those clove polyps from him. Good prices and outstanding quality.
  11. glibgoat

    I'm selling everything!

    Those blyue cloves are BEAUTIFUL. Shame I'm in PA.
  12. glibgoat

    90g established reef tank for sale. Philly area

    If they buy the equipment, let me get a crack at the livestock.
  13. glibgoat

    90g established reef tank for sale. Philly area

    Let me know, I'm interested in livestock. I can be there in an hour.
  14. glibgoat

    For Sale In PA

  15. glibgoat

    For Sale 150 Gallon Custom Reef Ready in PA

    Do yous till have the DI unit?
  16. glibgoat

    90g established reef tank for sale. Philly area

    I'd definately be interested in some of your livestock if you piece it out. I might even be able to get some guys together to take all of the livestock.
  17. glibgoat

    Wtb Gsp Nj

    I'm outside of philly if you want to come south. I have good size frags for 7.
  18. glibgoat

    Some really nice LPS frags in PA will ship

    Favia's frags are great quality.
  19. glibgoat


    last bump prior to going to the LFS. Looking for 7 per frag or a zoa/shroom trade.
  20. glibgoat