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  1. teen

    Coral ?

    what kinda bulbs/ ballasts, how high are the lights above the water, how far will the coral be from the actual bulb?
  2. teen

    baby mama pom pom crap question!

    Originally Posted by robertg I just got a pom pom crab and boy is it pregnant what are the chances of these little guys actually making it. I think it would be super cool to have little babies running around slim to none considering they're zooplankton when first born. you're fish and corals...
  3. teen

    Protein Skimmer and Nitrates

    no. have you tried fine tuning the skimmer at all? theres normally a break in period on skimmers and after that break in they need to be adjusted. keep the neck of the collection cup clean as well. if too much debris accumulates, IME, the skiimate tends to have a harder time making its way up...
  4. teen

    Please help ID Coral

    id say snake polyps
  5. teen

    I have a few SPS, which of these should be next

    Originally Posted by daveverdo I can get a package deal from someone local that would make all of the above the same average price. That is if I buy enough it would be 7frags/$100 type deal. Any form the list. I should have taken orange digi off the list because I already have that. Teen...
  6. teen

    What kind of clam is this?

    ima say maxima too, although squamies and maximas look very similar when they're smaller. actually, on second thought, maybe it is a squamosa. that peach color in the mantle is seen a lot more in squamosas IME. you cant really go by that though. shell will be the only way to know for sure.
  7. teen

    I have a few SPS, which of these should be next

    orange digitata green digitata raspberry millepora green millepora baby blue tenius tri-color acro and if a 7th, the sarmentosa
  8. teen

    How do you achieve water flow

    if youre going with the second filter just for water movement, ditch that idea and spend the money on a few nice size powerheads. as already said, koralias are the best bang for the buck, but if you dont mind spending some money, look into tunze streams or vortech. they both offer models that...
  9. teen

    dissapointed in LR order

    im away at school...
  10. teen

    dissapointed in LR order

    no where did i say "coraline covered, pod crawling" or "premium". I've just seen a lot better rock than what i received. i work at a LFS, the biggest showroom on the east coast as a matter of fact, and ive cleaned literally thousands of pounds of live rock. i can still say I've never seen rock...
  11. teen

    Idnetification needed.

    Originally Posted by 9supratt4 #1 doesn't look like any hydnophora I've ever seen and I have quite a large one in my tank. Can't place it. I agree on the other 3 though. theres more than just the branching type.
  12. teen

    dissapointed in LR order

    ive been through a lot of rock in this hobby and ive never had any that looked this lifeless.
  13. teen

    First SPS

    you wont need to do anything special for that one small frag. just keep doing what your doing if everything is in line.
  14. teen

    dissapointed in LR order

    im just curious as to if people who have ordered LR from here were happy or not? i ordered the 12lbs on here to use in my 16g cube and im real disappointed. I've ordered a lot of stuff from here and my fish and corals were always in great shape, but the rock isn't what i was expecting. now i...
  15. teen

    Plumbing Problem. Pulling my hair out!

    thats sounds too complicated and unnecessary in my opinion. what size tank is it, what size bulkheads and return pumps? including head loss
  16. teen

    Idnetification needed.

    naa, number 1 isnt a mycedium
  17. teen

    Emerald eating birdsnest

    more than likely the coral was dying and the crab just came to eat the dead flesh. like i said above.
  18. teen

    lighting for soft corals

    that lighting will do for softies. you might be able to try an LPS of some type, but don't go crazy right off the bat. try one out and see how it does. something like a trumpet coral or some type of euphyllia might do well up higher in your tank because you can also spot feed these guys.
  19. teen

    Idnetification needed.

    1- hydnophora number 2, 3, and 4 look like maricultured pieces. id say sunset montipora, superman montipora, and purple haze montipora respectively. im only saying maricultured because the colors look off to me. not so much on the prpl haze but more so on the others. could just have been the...