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  1. draconis321

    Will a green wolf eel get along with a humma humma and lunar wrasse?

    for sure I have the same combo and they don't fight at all
  2. draconis321

    Dumb question

    anenomes poison comes from 1000s of micro stinger inthere tentacle so they are protected by there shells
  3. draconis321

    coconut crab

    I haappen to agree with red they are awsome and it's not lke your goin you keep it in the living room
  4. draconis321

    blue spotted sting ray

    what size tank do you need and are they reef safe P.S pics??
  5. draconis321

    most unusual aggressive sea creature

    get an octopus an obreirus would be ok in a 55 gal for a while till you set up the 120. Go to the invert section ask about octos an you'll get some sweet vids and pics and once you get the octo in to the 120 you could get a angler and put it in to the 55
  6. draconis321

    Sexing a Niger Trig

    Originally Posted by srfisher17 I don't think you can. Just curious: why do you care? Although, like many triggers, they can be very peaceful for a long tome; then go postal and kill everything they can. That could be PMS. Well I'm selling mine and someone wanted to buy depending on the --- so...
  7. draconis321

    Carinvore Snail?!?!?!?! *****VIDEO****

    it has gotten a taste for blood destroy it!!!!!!! or u could give it to me and i'll feed it to mantis
  8. draconis321

    Sexing a Niger Trig

    ha ha guys very funny but seriously how do u tell the diff?
  9. draconis321

    Carinvore Snail?!?!?!?! *****VIDEO****

    It is possesed!!!!!!!!!!!% destroy it stick it in some copper and destroy it!!!!
  10. draconis321

    Sexing a Niger Trig

    how do you --- a niger trigger??
  11. draconis321

    Sepia bandensis - Dwarf Cuttlefish

  12. draconis321

    Manti vs Octo

    that is an awsome video but the mantis had an unfair advantage did the mantis die after, considering that the blue ring can take down a human? but i still think the octo if it were the same side would win i've seen both of these animals hunting so i have a pretty good idea
  13. draconis321

    Manti vs Octo

    ok if there was a fight bettween a mantis and an octo of the same size who do you think would win??
  14. draconis321

    Good or bad crab? Part 2

    forget the sump let me feed it to my mantis
  15. draconis321

    Sepia bandensis - Dwarf Cuttlefish

    that is so awsome this is making me want to make make 65 in to a cuttle fist tank
  16. draconis321

    Sepia bandensis - Dwarf Cuttlefish

    lol so where did u get these little guys
  17. draconis321

    Show me your sumps plz!!!

    plz the sump coming