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  1. aqua_scaping

    ASAP Is my water toxic?

    nitrite/amonia=o i acclimated the open brain by letting it temp acclimate in a bag for a hour and a half i bought it from a store and now theirs only a little be left in the middle but the side u can see the white rock........please is their anyway i can save it?
  2. aqua_scaping

    ASAP Is my water toxic?

    For some odd reason my brand new open goblet brain ALREADY melted within the 3rd hour here are param: salinity: 1.025 (was 1.028 but i lowered it slowly) Nitrate: 8 Alk: 4 Calc: 480 ph: 8.3 why did it start melting? was it because of the salinity and if so will it grow back since the salinity is...
  3. aqua_scaping

    Help Asap Green Fuzzy

    Hurry i need an answer asap...............I have a green fuzzy acro and its been fine for a month now but its starting to lost the "outer coating" but no bleaching as of now lighting is t-5 38 gallon VERY HIGH UP Param nitrate 5 nitrite,amonia=0 calcium 480 alk 3 ph 8.2-8.4 sal- 1.025 HELP (i...
  4. aqua_scaping

    Creation Of A Cuttle Tank!!!

    its a 40 gallon hexagon which is still considered tomorrow
  5. aqua_scaping

    i need price

    thats all...........i raised it from a 1 mouth for 10 $ O-o
  6. aqua_scaping

    Hair aglea

    Lawn Mower Blenny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. aqua_scaping

    Searching for "unique" shaped lr

    I am looking for unique shaped live rock that is very tall and may be used as a center peice in a hexagon tank!!! I would love to see pictures and i am 15005 area code
  8. aqua_scaping

    Creation Of A Cuttle Tank!!!

    As of now i have cycled water sitting in a tubberware bin awaiting to transport in a soon to be cuttle tank pics are-a-coming The system Penguin Biowheels fit for a 100 gallon A cheaper protein skimmer I custom made bubble system 8inch sand bed no lr as of now i keep you posted!!!
  9. aqua_scaping

    Cant seem to keep CB shrimp alive

    Did you also know that the cb shrimp will kill other shrimp so it probably was your clown defending the normal cleaner crew
  10. aqua_scaping

    i need price

    I have a 3 mouthed green ric how much could i sell it for?
  11. aqua_scaping

    Frag help plz (pics uncluded)

    leave them their until its attaches...
  12. aqua_scaping

    Perfect dark anemonee post

    GOOD NEWS!!!! it inflated again bigger then ever and ate some chopping krill soake in garlic tops of with some smelts
  13. aqua_scaping

    Perfect dark anemonee post

    it refuses to eat and its been 2 hours and no inflation its whiter then you think.
  14. aqua_scaping

    here you go mx#28

    Like i stated before alll it was at first was a stick. Had a few baby growth but for the most part a big stick . I have changed nothing except for its placment after algea started growing on it now my invert and blenny clean it every day.
  15. aqua_scaping

    My obsession

    Originally Posted by TexasMetal Cuttles won't eat cleanup crews like octopuses will. Hermits and snails are safe because cuttles can't work them out of their shells. They aren't as dexterous as octos. Tube worms and urchins should be fine. If you get them to eating frozen stuff you might be...
  16. aqua_scaping

    Mushroom Coral Distending Gut (photos)

    i always thoght that ment they were dying
  17. aqua_scaping

    A cover lps?

    well your gonna have to be because its over night shippign not 2 hours shipping
  18. aqua_scaping

    Is this OK?

    i guess i do the bad i way i always super glue them i could be wrong
  19. aqua_scaping

    here you go mx#28

    sorry no before or after but it was jsut one straight line but it grew very rapidly and fans out now blooms every other day and i feed it Kent marine fine filtered food along with occasional live brine Any more questions? just ask
  20. aqua_scaping

    A cover lps?

    yes its my prized clam thankyou its about 4inch but does stop my clown gobies hanging out inside it O_o