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  1. rangermonroe

    Water Softner

    I had the same concern when I bought my softener. It has done nothing but good for my tank. Stuff started appearing what I didn't know I had (ie hitchhiker corals and kelps), the algae that I had been fighting died, and my mushroom multiplied to the point that I have been trading them to the...
  2. rangermonroe

    Maroon clown Babies

    I managed to keep a few alive for a few days. I share your enthusiasm for trying, and wish you the best of luck. My experience so far has been: Turning off pumps and trying to catch the hatch. Unsuccessful, but short lived attempt Removing rock to 'breeder tank." Eggs immediately died. Even...
  3. rangermonroe

    Building refugium

    A pump send the water back to the tank.
  4. rangermonroe

    Building refugium

    THe whole thing is a refugium if you light it. Put a little PC "smartlight" over it and watch the critters grow. My unlighted sump has a lot critters that my 'fuge doesn't.
  5. rangermonroe

    Little Giant pump Hurry Please

    Have you oiled it? It has wafer bearings, not ball bearings in the motor. Also, check the impeller for bits and peices of FOD.
  6. rangermonroe

    pc wiring

    nope Brown wrapper, no mfr info on ballast at all
  7. rangermonroe

    pc wiring

    Well it has red,brown,yellow, and blue wires that go to the endcaps. What colors go together and in which position on the endcaps? I placed blue and brown together...the bulbs get quite hot. Are they supposed to? The red and yellow are also together.
  8. rangermonroe

    pc wiring

    I didn't get a wiring diagram with my ballasts. Does anyone have info on diagram? thanks
  9. rangermonroe

    light in a refuge

    I bought a 30watt PC light for my refug, but it came with a smart lamp...10k on one side actinic on the other...for around $70. I keep polyps and corals alive under it I have used cheap lights from lowes, and while they do work, in the long run I have paid twice for the lights. Once for the...
  10. rangermonroe

    Adding another Maroon? Can it be done?

    Yes you can, just get one a lot smaller. When I did that , mine mated within a month or so.
  11. rangermonroe

    anemone help!!!

    it's probably not "hungry". I feed my guy's once a week or so. They would take a month to die of hunger. Let him settle in for a few days more and then feed him. They don't eat much, my condi's always ate flake food...never chunks. BTW condi's will roam a lot. So don't be supprised.
  12. rangermonroe

    I was just thinking about fans and was curious

    Yeah, that would work just fine. Check around for freebies from old junk computors. Also, the transformer you are seeking is identical to the one powering an old SEGA game system, or a variety of corldess phones, etc. So instead of $80, with a little searching it could be $0. I'd rather spend...
  13. rangermonroe

    emerald crab and eggs

    Well. Emerald crabs DO eat clownfish eggs.
  14. rangermonroe

    emerald crab and eggs

    clownfish eggs..sorry
  15. rangermonroe

    emerald crab and eggs

    will my emerald crab eat the eggs if i put them in the refugium without the parents?
  16. rangermonroe

    Clownfish husbandry

    I appreciate the suggested reading materials. Mine have been breeding for about a year now, and I have a set-up filled with tank water, tht I have been been keeping "ballanced" with the water rotated from the display. Obviously, it is more difficult keeping the salinity exactly the same due to...
  17. rangermonroe

    Clownfish husbandry

    I have a couple of questions regarding clownfish husbandry. Once again I have a batch of eggs. Every time I have attempted to move them to the nursery tank, all of the eggs die within a day or two. I have tried several different ways of doing this, all with the same result. I once was able to...
  18. rangermonroe

    Transplanting Green Star Polyps

    I used a glass scraper and carefully lifted the edges of the mat. The mat isn't attached to the glass like coraline algae is, so it comes loose quite easily. they don't seem to be affected by the rubber band. I have done this before, and the biggest challenge is to get them to stay put long...
  19. rangermonroe

    refrug lighting

    I bought a small PC from my LFS with a smart lamp for about 75 bucks and I have all kinds of kelp growing and kept a brain coral alive under it( until I dropped some salt on it)
  20. rangermonroe

    Transplanting Green Star Polyps

    ...Then I reattached it to a piece of base rock that I don't mind "losing" to the LFS store as a trade. In about 2 weeks, the mat will be completely reattached and ready for trading.:) This "opffspring" is larger than what I originally bought.