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  1. aquaknight

    This new IPad's super cool... What do I do with it?

    Something to do with the iPad after your flight, mount it up in the MKS and run Trapster;
  2. aquaknight

    gearing up for Black Friday

    Anyone know the deals for tablets this year? Assuming the iPad won't (no real need, still will sell), but any of the other guys planning a good black friday deal?
  3. aquaknight

    Please enlighten me.

    RG, continue to do your research, and I will try and help/guide/correct stray paths, etc... I think what you're looking for, is "biological classification." The work is already done for you. Do some research on that, and then we'll continue from there. Quote: Originally Posted by rainbow grouper...
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    Post random pics of your fish thread.

    Keeping the Anthias train coming;
  5. aquaknight

    marbled catshark

    Which shark do you mean as marbled catshark? Chiloscyllium plagiosum or Atelomycterus macleayi
  6. aquaknight

    Best way to move fish from quarantine tank to display tank

    Depending on the size of the QT, I use one of those 1.5/2 gal buckets. With a soft plastic aquarium plant inside, I remove all of the decor from the QT and set it in the QT, and wait for the fish to enter the bucket. Once they're exploring inside, quickly flip the bucket while putting on the...
  7. aquaknight

    Coralvue bulbs?

    Coralvue makes every type of bulb for aquariums out there, MH, T5, VHO... Which ones are you asking about? Their halides are pretty good, but for T5's, I like Korallen Zucht and ATI's better, in that order.
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    Your favourite sounds.

    I'll admit, she isn't all that fast, but sounds great
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    Why are the forums slowing down so much?

    Jea... As for the drama, let's buck up a little bit. Listen to some 5FDP or something then go chillax ... As for why the forum is slow, it's just the way most forums go when they they are on the downward sign, and sometimes die. They turn into a question and answer board, which eventually drives...
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    FOTW or FOTM suggestions and feedback

    What about if we started a FOTW/COTW/IOTW 'submission thread.' Whoever wanted to start a topic on a certain species would post up their first rough draft in that thread, and then people could add in information, discuss other opinions on the species the OP may have missed, differs on, etc. This...
  11. aquaknight

    PLANT ????

    The issue with these calcerous algae is collection/harvesting. Shaving brush/pinecone/halimeda all have root systems. And when carelessly ripped off rock or from the sand, the root system is damaged and the algae slowly dies. The death is typically slow enough, that the algae can pass through...
  12. aquaknight


    1.) Crossfire. Without a doubt. Best game ever. Founded somewhat closely by 'Battledome' Still have Battledome somewhere, but need to grab Crossfire from ebay one of these days... Think you can tell I'm a 90's kid?
  13. aquaknight

    Hacked XBL accounts

    Story is finally gaining some traction in the press, but a rash of XBL accounts have been compromised in the last few weeks, the hackers are buying xbox points with accounts with stored credit card information, and using it to buy stuff from Fifa 2011 and Fifa 2012. Microsoft and EA are both...
  14. aquaknight

    Best Nutrition for Yellowfin Angelfish

    Yellowtail, as in Apolemichthys xanthurus? A couple dwarf species of angels are also some times called yellowtails... If the Apole. sp., then Ocean Nutrition Angel formula as mentioned, but would recommend a slightly more meaty diet. Chopped up pieces of scallops, fresh live clams that you shuck...
  15. aquaknight

    Elegance coral is it my RG of corals

    Looks great joe! Fragged Aussie elegance's are the only way to go IMO. If the the frag is healthy enough to come back from what is usually an aggressive fragging experience, they really have good chances of doing well long term. Your's looks quite a lot like mine. Lots of red in the center...
  16. aquaknight

    Heliofungia Plate feeding

    Plates don't in fact taken in all their sustenance from zooxanthellae, I think the figure is about 80% from zooxanthellae, 20% from food caught on their own. So they will need to be fed periodically. If the plate is splitting out most undigested fish quarters, I wonder if maybe the food is a...
  17. aquaknight

    Most $$$$ Fishes

    The top fish I've seen/heard about online, has been platinum arowana's. With the upper figure being $80,000 I believe (most common figure). FW I know.... I guess if you want to count whoever footed the bill for any of Georgia Aquarium's whale sharks, those would probably be the most expensive...
  18. aquaknight

    BAMBOO AND ????

    Quote: Originally Posted by tommy127 HELP! I just bought a bamboo shark im freaking out though when i hold a flashlight up to the egg all i see is a little blob! does that mean that it is dead?! also when i put my shark egg in the tank it was exposed to air for about 15 seconds will that kill...
  19. aquaknight

    Do you follow your own advice?

    I like Geo's answer, shades of gray. The yellow tang is a good example. There is quite the difference between a yellow tang being stuffed into a 4ft. 55gal with other tangs and large fish, versus being the only big fish in an also 4ft. 90gal or 4ft. 120gal. My 10+ year old YT has never seen a...
  20. aquaknight

    Is this pop eye? you diagnose and offer advice.

    The flakes coming off, and the fish being new, I can definitely say this fish has at least flukes. If you look at the first pics, you can see the fish's dorsal fins are cloudy. Flukes are very common in angels. I treat all my angels for flukes, even if they don't show signs for it. The treatment...