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  1. azonic

    ya know what sucks?

    ...losing the first fish that went in your tank. :( "violet", my purple tang died yesterday for reasons unknown to me. She was added to my tank 7 months ago after the cycle. She stopped eating friday afternoon, saturday morning she was dead...never showed any sign of disease and all the other...
  2. azonic

    Check out this auction!

  3. azonic

    Check out this auction!

    Didn't paste properly
  4. azonic

    Check out this auction!

    It's an auction I have running..for canadians only. Looooook at how much it's gone up to already! $$$$
  5. azonic

    Anyone been to DiscoveryCove?

    Harlequinnut: Me and my girlfriend were there last summer...It was simply amazing! She did the dolphin swim, I didn't. The bird sanctuary is really cool. THe birds come and sit on your head, arms, anywhere and will eat from your hands. The snorkel lagoon is amazing. Soooooo many fish....foot...
  6. azonic

    my new reef tank

    Even stainless steel will rust in saltwater over time.
  7. azonic

    my new reef tank

    Personally, I wouldn't use the metal hose clamp on the Mag12 if it's to be submerged. It will rust.
  8. azonic


    This thread took away 10 minutes of my life that I desperately want back. :notsure:
  9. azonic

    O.T. Exams

    I have my last exam on Wednesday....thankfully it will be my easiest exam, Marketing. :thinking:
  10. azonic

    Little Nemo - Stripes!!

    He looks like a clown goby in that quarter picture :yes:
  11. azonic

    I got my first coral today

    Does green star polyps sound right? They would fit your description.
  12. azonic

    iam fed up....

    Originally posted by beaslbob NO what I actually stated was use plants for the primary filtration with some circulation and helper filtration. What you stated is absolutely true for FW. plants, sand, fish, no circulation of other filtration of any kind. In Fw the result is a system that ony...
  13. azonic

    Im a daddy

    Toss a couple hundred in your sump so they can have a battle royal with your pods. LoL
  14. azonic

    Coralline Algae Question

    Great! At least I know my tank isn't a freak of nature.
  15. azonic

    Hagen Test Kit Directions. Anyone?

    Thank you so much!!
  16. azonic

    Hagen Test Kit Directions. Anyone?

    You have the directions I need!! I would be indebted to you if you could type me the directions for Calcium, Phosphate and KH/GH.
  17. azonic

    Coralline Algae Question

    bumpity bump bump bumpity bump bump :rotfll:
  18. azonic

    Hagen Test Kit Directions. Anyone?

    Well, what tests are in the master kit? Most likely just ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH. I bought the Calcium, Phosphate, KH.GH tests as seperate tests....not sure if those are in the master kit or not.
  19. azonic

    Diatom Powder okay for live rock/corals?

    My LFS uses a Diatom filter on all of his SW tanks once a week when he cleans them. As well as on his 80G and 180G SW displays.
  20. azonic

    Hagen Test Kit Directions. Anyone?

    Also, I have the Phosphate kit as well with no directions. :silly: