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  1. dabnub

    New mods??? Bring it...

    a catholic priest was on his deathbed, he summoned two lawyers to sit on each side of his bed, after a while one of the lawyers asked, "father, why are we here?" the priest said, "Jesus died with a thief on one side and a liar on the other, and i wanted to go as he did."
  2. dabnub

    snail ID?

    idk, picture not that great, but maybe a cowrie?
  3. dabnub

    is this the place?

    love that picture iguess he is right about posts here not counting, sucksbut i just love these little smileys
  4. dabnub

    is some better han none

    got this little air driven skimmer just for my 29bc now i read that it's pretty much usless. I can't aford to buy another right now, my question is, should i remove it and replace the cartridge, or is it better than no skimmer at all.
  5. dabnub

    is this the place?

    i guess it"s back to the dumb questions and nonsensical advise. but I do have a picture of my dog, MY BEST FRIEND, andI will post it if i ever figure out how.
  6. dabnub

    Hypothetical question... would you use marijuana for medicinal purposes only?

    how about prevenitive medicine? never had glucoma, but can a man ever be too careful
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    is this the place?

    figured out how to use the search function so i stopped asking so many dumb questions, being new at this i have little help to offer others. but after reading rules for classifieds I now must increase my post count. so i figured this would be the best place for my .02 cents and play with the...
  8. dabnub

    Should I buy a 90gln Tank?

    check the lights, if this was a freshwater setup the light may not be suitable for a reef. Upgrading lights may be an additional expense
  9. dabnub

    What's going right?

    set up 29 bio 10/01/08 added 6 soft corals 12/25/08 lost a couple but yellow polyps and mushrooms have begun to spread. the colt and the finger leather still look ok. Ihave been told that polyps may spread enough to be a problem but being a nube i am so proud that they have started to propagate
  10. dabnub

    Ways to limit aggression from a 6line?

    I know this will sound crazy, but I have a clownfish that acts as a referee between my yellow damsel and the green chromis in my tank. when the damsel gets to excited the clown will send him "to his room". Has anyone ever had a clown that acted as a moderator in their tank? Maybe I should ask...
  11. dabnub

    Found someone hiding in my tank? ID anyone?

    also called a spider crab. He will pick up small bits of shell, rock or even algaes to stick on his shell
  12. dabnub

    Cleaning Glass???

    idk i have used vinager for years on the outside with no adverse effects, but you mentioned humidty and film, perhaps you could deal with as divers do. NOT suggesting that you spit on your tank or anything but there are commercial products for the same job.
  13. dabnub

    Help Tiny white creatures!

    many good snails, gobys, and starfish that will help you with your sand.
  14. dabnub

    bubble issue...

    overfill the filter a small amount at a time I know there is a full line but the pump is sucking air. I eventuly bought a smaller return pump which i know reduced the efficency of my filter but was the only way to get rid of the bubbles
  15. dabnub


    check that large o-ring on the lid, after resealing , tip to the side to see if any water leaks out , if so its sucking air.
  16. dabnub

    collected seawater

    bang, i read you use water from your lagoon. anyone else out their collect your water from the sea? where and how do you collect? how do you test n treat before use.
  17. dabnub

    Crazy Myth's Lets hear them

    obviously nano tanks are less expensive, less stock smaller water changes you get the point. the real question is water quality. is it not easier to maintain water quality with frequent water changes? imo
  18. dabnub

    Crazy Myth's Lets hear them

    idk if it will help fish, but with some vermoth and a lemon slice i,am feeling much better.
  19. dabnub

    just curious ??

    ok, makes sense i get that extra hour in the evening when i can enjoy them most.
  20. dabnub

    just curious ??

    did i spell that right ? I was wondering who reset their light timers for dst? and why?