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    if they are aptasia and you "squish them" they will release lots of little spores into the water column which will attach every where in your tank making the battle to rid your them seem like a impossible mission.
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    Looking to downgrade my lighting.....WTT/WTS

    too bad you are not closer. i have a retro mh set up i was going to use but never got around to building a canopy for the tank. 2 175watt xm bulbs with 4 months use, 2 spider reflectors, 2 ARO ballasts in ballasts boxes, all wiring. been looking to trade local for a 36" t-5 or 2x250 watt mh...
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    some new additions

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    Grounding Probes

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    SPS Under PC Lighting

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    crushed coral or sand base

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    Gravity and salinity problem

    make up some new saltwater with a higher salinty (1.023). use this water for top offs and a 10% water change. if you have anything live in your tank you want to raise the salinty slowly. no more than .002 every 24 hours. make sure your refractometer is calibrated properly or if you have a...
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    anemone question.

    outside of mojanos or if your clownfish are captive bred they probably won't host anything. clownfish have been know to host many different corals.....hammer, frogspawn, torch, toadstool mushroom, hairy mushroom just to name a few. you can keep all of these if you keep them in the...
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    Sundial fixture or retrofit?

    the main problem with current fixtures is the mh ballast undrive the bulbs and will only really power their bulbs. i have a sunpod light and i am limited to just the powerpaq hqi lamps which are low in par. the other bulbs look like crap in this fixture. i spoke with other people who have the...
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    F/S Nova Extreme 48" T5 8-Bulb Light w/ legs and bulb cover - Brand New

    Originally Posted by AquariumRookie Yeah but the deal included about 30lbs. of my live rock plus the $275.00 in cash, therefore making the total for the light over $350 if you consider that live rock is worth about $3lb. Even if I would have only paid a total of $200 for the light, what would...
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    F/S Nova Extreme 48" T5 8-Bulb Light w/ legs and bulb cover - Brand New

    isn't this the same used light you recently bought for $275.00?
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    Pair of Onyx Clowns from Rod and Maroon Pair! MD.NOVA.DC

    Originally Posted by MaxB22 I have a pair of Onyx Clowns from Rod and a pair of maroon clowns. Email me at for more pics and more info. MEET UP's ONLY! how much do you want?
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    how much

    Originally Posted by Joshr how much live rock should i get for a 24g it really depends on what you are going to do with your tank. FO - none FOWLR - 24 to 48 lbs REEF - depends on your bioload. you can use the rule above or you can do a mini patch reef with lots of open space but minimal fish...
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    Which Skimmer would you guys get?

    asm skimmer.
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    Water Flow?

    as long as your flow is indirect flow you are fine. my 55 gal is pushing 2875 gph (52x) and my 45 is doing 2570 gph (57x).
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    Acrylic or glass

    go with the acrylic one.
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    what is this

    flatworm maybe.
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    bristle worms

    i think bristle worms are great scavengers until they get above 5 inches. then they become a risk of me touchuing one by accident. everything that i know that vpreys on bristleworms will only eat the small ones. once they get about 2 inches they don't even look at them.
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    tank pics

    i don't use any buffers or chemicals. coraline grows with age.