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  1. kube

    Sump Re-Do

    I'm thinking about redoing my sump below my 125 gallon tank......just looking for input if this is a solid idea or where I should modify it I was thinking the water would overflow from tank to a 10 gallon drilled tank that would sit higher than a 20 long that would use gravity to drain into the...
  2. kube

    Help...Sick Blue it to late? HLLE

    anythoughts anyone?
  3. kube

    Help...Sick Blue it to late? HLLE

    turned off one of my ballasts.....these should be alot les blue.....yes the fish is in the DT
  4. kube

    Help...Sick Blue it to late? HLLE

    OK...a few weeks ago i posted some pics but it was hard to see what i was looking at, its gotten alot worse in the last few can pretty much say that for 20 days the hippo wouldnt eat and just sat behind a rock... well in the last two days I found somthing that he would eat and he has...
  5. kube

    Blue Tang Health Possible HLLE

    well, got some good pics of the side that i'm wondering about, but it doesnt show up at all in the pics...wierd
  6. kube

    Blue Tang Health Possible HLLE the i thought the cyano looked 100% better, been running dual GFO and getting better on the water changes along with an improved skimmer, any other suggestions this pictuers shows what im concerned about on the bridge of his nose, had him for three days now, yes i skipped the...
  7. kube

    Blue Tang Health Possible HLLE

    and one more
  8. kube

    Blue Tang Health Possible HLLE

    nice, dont have to resize them before i upload them anymore
  9. kube

    Blue Tang Health Possible HLLE

    Hello, Looking for some help here from Beth or anyone with any thoughts, got this large blue tang from and was wondering if it has the beggining stages of HLLE...Lots of pics, in one of the pics i circled what is concerning me, also on his fins look a little rough. i can get clearer pics...
  10. kube

    RO/DI Filter question

    kinda....since I do run my water through a water softner
  11. kube

    RO/DI Filter question

    Well, I'm loosing my mind but anyways.......i noticed today that RO membrane is running at about 88% rejection rate. So new one on order but my question lies with the 3 pre filters before it hits RO membrane....I replaced all three prefilters about a two months ago (quality filters for BRS) and...
  12. kube

    very confused? how is this a deal?

    they dont send it out after you make a may coincide with that fact but if you've been on the mailing list for awhile they always send out that email periodically whether you just bough something or be truthfull they send it often enough that you might as well wait till...
  13. kube

    The Days I want to Give up......

    been a hard few weeks with the holidays and undertaking a boxer puppy along with the little one (11m old baby) had a few fish tank issues that came all at once and been a hair from selling it all..... 3 floods.......the first one was the ninja attack that moved my return from my ato tank to the...
  14. kube

    Running into space issues

    after using a coralife for a year plus....its works but it must have absolutely no change in water salinty, or water hieght in the chamber.... i suggest using an eshoppes skimmer i think its the same money and out of the box it out performed my modded coralife skimmer that i had...
  15. kube

    My First Ninja Attack...Need Advice

    no controller......i have a failsafe float switch that would shut off in the event that the one was stuck on.......but that doesnt do me any good when the pump is pumping the water onto the floor not even going into the and learn at least it was nice clean 0 tds rodi
  16. kube

    My First Ninja Attack...Need Advice

    the return from the ato tank is is zip-tied down to the point it isnt coming off with out a pair of wire snips. wonder what the women is going to think when she gets
  17. kube

    My First Ninja Attack...Need Advice

    Well the ninjas struck.....someone moved my water line from my 20 gallon ro tank for ATO. so when the water level fell below the float switch it turned on the pump and ran about 15gallon of water on the carpet...dont know if it was the 3 month old boxer pup who two days ago discovered that she...
  18. kube

    700 gph overflow box

    it all depends on the return pump...what size of return pump are you going to use?
  19. kube

    Dead Cyano

    What is Cyano look like after its dead? Reason I've been using the turkey baster to suck it out and left some on the stand to dry out to see what it would look like. It shriveled and dried out and still was blackish red. So after months of water changes and different GFO in multiple reactors and...
  20. kube

    This hobby is hazardous to your health :(

    Originally Posted by Xcali1985 Here you go. Give it a try youll be in love with your tank. The only noise mine makes is a slight trickle. hmmm....nvr seen this before but in my experimenting have done something similiar....but I have a question are putting these holes in the drain line and...